How to Keep Your Essential Computers Running Right

Smart phones are great. Many of us marketers could not operate without them.

But most of us still rely on our laptops or even desktop computers for the bulk of our serious business. Sometimes you simply need a full-size screen and keyboard.

But no matter how carefully you manage them, computers sometimes need repairs or expert software maintenance, such as virus or malware removal—usually right after the warrenty runs out. So what do you do?

In my experience the repair services in retail stores are dicey at best. I have had some good luck with the Apple stores, but I have also heard some horror stories even about them. And I cannot take my PC there to be fixed.

So what do I do? My answer is to have an expert Technical Support service identified, keep the contact info handy, and rely on them to fix problems that I cannot fix myself.

If you are a company with offices in a number cities, a local fix-it guy, no matter how good, is not enough. He won’t be available to travel out of town (at any reasonable price, for sure).

Plus, if you travel on business, then nationwide it services companies are the obvious answer. Do not leave home without one. It can serve multiple business sites and support you while traveling.

Of course, many of us work at home. Even those who do not telecommute often have multiple computers at home. And family members depend on their computers, too, for a host of important contacts and activities.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have expert computer service at home, too? You can get Residential Computer Repair by expert, experienced technicians who do the job right the first time—at your place.

So your home computers can be as reliable as those you use for work. Is that important to you? It certainly is to me. And the time to make plans is before your computer breaks.

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