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Pinnacle of Pinterest: Reach the Peak of Pinterest Marketing with Less than 100 Followers

Pinterest is a very powerful marketing tool and possibly even more powerful than Facebook and Twitter. What most people don’t know is that you don’t need thousands of Pinterest followers to be a successful Pinterest online marketer. You can reach out to millions of Pinterest users with as few as 100 followers without spending a single dime.

I’m Elsie Wilde and I am offering to share all my Pinterest secrets with you through my book, Pinnacle of Pinterest. I’ve been successfully using Pinterest for years to drive high quality traffic to my websites. Now, you too can do the same.

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Book Yourself Solid Illustrated: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling

A visual way to easily access the strategies and tactics in Book Yourself Solid

Learning new concepts is easier when you can see the solution. Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, a remarkable, one-of-a-kind work of art, transforms the Book Yourself Solid system into a more compelling and easy-to-consume playbook for any business owner.

You won’t find business school graphs or mind maps. Instead, you’ll find compelling, visual stories that reinvent old and tired business concepts, making Book Yourself Solid Illustrated a fun and playful book that you will revisit year after year as you get more clients than you can handle.

There isn’t a business book on the market that can show you how to apply the strategies, techniques, and skills necessary to generate new leads, add more clients, and increase profits through visuals. Previously you could only read or listen to advice, now you can see it and get it faster.

This illustrated version is organized into four modules: your foundation, building trust and credibility, simple selling and perfect pricing, and the Book Yourself Solid 6 core self-promotion strategies.

  • Reengineering the book with visual strategist, Jocelyn Wallace, has given author Michael Port new ways of explaining and expanding his gold-standard material.
  • Author Michael Port has been called a “marketing guru” by the Wall Street Journal and “an uncommonly honest author” by The Boston Globe, and wrote Book Yourself Solid (in it’s 2nd edition), Beyond Booked Solid,The Contrarian Effect which was selected as a 2008 top ten business book by Amazon.com and the 2008 #1 sales book of the year by 1-800-CEO-READ, and The New York Times Bestseller, The Think Big Manifesto.
  • Author is one of the most popular business coaches in the world and headlines events all over the world.

Master the techniques in Book Yourself Solid Illustrated, and take your service business to the next level today.

For the first time ever you can have the Book Yourself Solid Mobile app. Install it on any device and the Book Yourself Solid System comes to life. Do all of 49 exercises from the new book on any device, including your desktop computer. This thing rocks.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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The Book Selling Strategy That Works: The book marketing and promotion methods that got me better results – These methods sell more books than any others … (How to Write a Book and Sell It Series 9)

Fed up with getting poor book sales? Find out what works.

This is really eye opening. Out of everything I’ve tried, these are the methods I’ve found to give me the best results.

I got a lot of sales in the beginning. However, after certain Amazon changes, results had slowed. I guess you have noticed the same.

After a lot of learning and testing, I made some discoveries that have given really startling results.

I now get good sales results again. Although I am yet to apply these discoveries to all my books, the few I have applied this to are doing a lot better. The one where I have applied everything to consistently remains within the top best-sellers of its category.

You need all the ingredients to make this work. You will need to have a product that gets the sale and effective methods of getting a consistent large crowd of eyeballs.

You will learn what really does make a book sell itself and the most effective ways to get buyers.

You will discover…

The way to make your book the one that readers choose.

The very best sources of book content.

The very effective formula and models that create book titles proven to get the most sales.

The type of cover that sells the best.

My proven three step formula that creates book descriptions that have given me the best results.

The special extras that have always created a spike in book sales.

The best way of all to choose the right categories that get your book seen.

The net that massively improves your exposure.

Much better results from free promotions using a two step method I discovered by accident.

The irresistible sentence that really does boost book sales.

The way to work with authors that has really made a big difference to sales.

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Facebook®: How Mark Zuckerberg Connected More Than a Billion Friends

Today, Facebook is one of the most-used websites on the Internet, visited by millions of users each day and home to more than 500 million accounts. Many people use Facebook to share pictures, news, and ideas with friends—but they may not know the true story behind Facebook’s massive success. Facebook began as the idea of one college student: Mark Zuckerberg. Discover how Mark founded one of the most successful social networking sites on the Internet while he was still in school. Learn how he first got Facebook growing, and how he keeps millions of people logging in day after day. Find out more about the man behind Facebook—and learn what’s next for his company.

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Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words (Reactor15)

A book on marketing you can read in 15 minutes flat.

In under 1000 words we explain the major principles of successful marketing – the absolute most important things you must understand to market your business successfully and find more customers.

Each chapter is less than 70 words long. This is a book so short that everybody can make the time to read it.

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Book Yourself Solid: The Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable System for Getting More Clients Than You Can Handle Even if You Hate Marketing and Selling

The new edition of the bestselling business development guide

Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition reveals why self-promotion is a critical factor to success, giving you a unique perspective that makes this guide much more than an ordinary “how to” manual for getting more clients and raising a business profile.

Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition enables you to adopt the right promotional perspective and provides the strategies, techniques, and skills necessary to get more clients and increase profits. Through verbal and written exercises, you’ll discover the keys to developing a strong marketing plan and brand image.

  • Features unique, personalized, updated social media marketing strategies for service professionals
  • Provides new pricing models and sales strategies for simpler selling
  • Delivers fresh networking and outreach strategies guaranteed to take only minutes a day
  • Offers new solid product launch strategies and tactics for creating instant awareness
  • Author a New York Times bestseller, TV personality, and highly recognized professional speaker

Get the proven tools you can put into effect today with Book Yourself Solid, Second Edition, and watch your business grow exponentially!

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