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Pinnacle of Pinterest: Reach the Peak of Pinterest Marketing with Less than 100 Followers

Pinterest is a very powerful marketing tool and possibly even more powerful than Facebook and Twitter. What most people don’t know is that you don’t need thousands of Pinterest followers to be a successful Pinterest online marketer. You can reach out to millions of Pinterest users with as few as 100 followers without spending a single dime.

I’m Elsie Wilde and I am offering to share all my Pinterest secrets with you through my book, Pinnacle of Pinterest. I’ve been successfully using Pinterest for years to drive high quality traffic to my websites. Now, you too can do the same.

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Productivity For Indie Authors: A Book About Doing Less And Making More (Self Publishing Pathway To Published 1)

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“This is not just a book, it is a movement!” JS
“Your book has changed how I look at EVERYthing. I’m realizing how hard I’ve been searching for an answer to what hasn’t been working for me, not just in writing & publishing, but in how I manage my professional life, in general. This is the first morning in decades that I woke up feeling calm and unhurried. That’s not hyperbole. I’ve spent most of my professional life feeling rushed, as if I were seeking something that was eluding me. Your book provided the key. Thank you!” EM

I just signed in to my KDP publishing account and checked out the report for my royalty earnings over the past two years (May 15 – May 17). Incredibly it reads $207,628.04! Well, it’s incredible to me anyways, because I know how long and hard the journey to this point has been.

I started my self publishing adventure long before Kindle was even a twinkle in Amazon’s eye, on a photocopier and armed with a long-armed stapler. My books had to be short in those days, because they wouldn’t stay closed if I tried to fold too many pages.

Amazingly, I still publish short books. Lots of them.

As a fellow indie author and self-publisher I know well the pressures that can prevent your publishing dreams taking full shape. The daily demands, and propensity to procrastinate, the insecurity – all conspiring to keep you one step behind your break-through.

Sometimes it feels like you are chasing your own tail. We know, as self-publishers, that there is a lot more to this gig than just writing. It can become overwhelming.

I started asking how I could better run my business to free me to do just the things I loved and felt called to do.

I wanted to create a watertight streamlined system that facilitated massive growth without killing me and destroying my wife and kids in the process. I now only have to work a few hours a week to keep my self publishing business running and flourishing – I’m free to write and create as I please.

This book contains the tried and tested keys that took me from a struggling and overwhelmed indie author, to a six-figure publishing business that virtually runs on auto-pilot.

Most productivity books center on teaching how to do more. This is a book all about doing less!

Trash your busy-ness and build a knockout self-publishing business that works for you, instead of you working for it.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: David Lee Martin is a successful self-publishing author, who runs a healthy six-figure publishing business using the very keys and concepts he shares in this book. He is known for his transparency and ability to communicate with honesty concepts and practical pathways to rock your own publishing business and take it to the next level.

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Bootstrapping for Indies: Self-Publishing on a Budget (Book Creation, Book Marketing, Book Promotion for Less)

Are you wondering…

  • Whether you can make money self-publishing, even if you don’t have money to spend?
  • If you can put out a polished book without spending thousands of dollars?
  • Maybe you haven’t started yet and are wondering how much this who self-publishing thing is going to cost you…

    The answers: Yes. You can. Less than you think.

    This book will help you get a high quality first book out the door for far less than you thought.


  • I’m going to start by shifting your mindset to the idea that indie publishing doesn’t need to drain your wallet.
  • I’ll identify the “4 Core Costs” of indie publishing.
  • I’ve dedicated the rest of the book to the 25+ unique methods you should use to reduce these costs substantially, and still put out an awesome book.
  • Including…

    1. How to get an awesome book cover for a fraction of the cost.

    2. How to edit and proof you own book with incredible free software.

    3. Effective marketing and book promotion techniques that don’t cost a fortune (many are 100% free!)

    4. Where you should spend the limited money you do have.

    5. How to make your book look like you spend a small fortune on it.

    6. How to do-it-yourself, and how you can even sell these learned skills and make a nice side income!

    And much more…

    Download the ebook now and you’ll also get…

  • Access to my ultimate cheat sheet outlining top tools that any indie author should have in their arsenal.
  • Access to supporting videos normally only available to my mailing list subscribers.
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    Teen Love or Less: Social Networking and Real Dating Game

    Product Features

    • Completely FREE
    • No email address required
    • Fun and casual environment
    • Remain anonymous
    • Social networking
    • Find love or just flirt
    • Quick & simple registration

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    Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words (Reactor15)

    A book on marketing you can read in 15 minutes flat.

    In under 1000 words we explain the major principles of successful marketing – the absolute most important things you must understand to market your business successfully and find more customers.

    Each chapter is less than 70 words long. This is a book so short that everybody can make the time to read it.

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    What I Did to Sell More Kindle Books on Amazon: How to Make Self – Publishing Less Stressful While Generating Income

    Direct response expert Diana Loera shows you how to utilize proven direct response marketing strategies to increase your book sales.

    It sounds very easy to make money by selling a book but once you have a book published you find that the playing field isn’t level. 
    There are authors making money each week and there are others who won’t make even one sale.
    To be successful you need a proven strategy but strategies take time, money and expertise to develop.
    Many successful authors tout the value of having an established email list of fans who are eager to snap up your next book. But what if you don’t have an email list?
    Diana walks you through how to build brand recognition for your book – without having an established email list.
    Her strategy is written for non- fiction writers but fiction writers will find valuable information in the marketing section and both non- fiction and fiction writers will find value in her established list of resources. 
     Don’t have a book topic? No worries as Diana shares with you a list of possible topic ideas that you are free to claim as your own.
    Overwhelmed by the idea of actually marketing a book since you’re a writer not a marketer? No worries – Diana’s strategy is laid out so almost anyone can follow it and she also offers a lifeline as backup by including her personal contact email if you have marketing questions after reading her book.
    There are numerous sources (yes, she includes them in the book) ready to help you market your book for an incredibly small amount of money.  You can also follow her strategy and do the marketing yourself but in the book you’ll find out why she advises against doing so.
    If you’ve read this far – you’re probably looking for help and guidance so you can make money with your book. 
     Buy this book now – seriously, the small amount that you spend now will be well worth it to have Diana’s marketing expertise laid out in an easy to follow book.  
    Make 2013 your year to make your first book sale or increase your book sales. 
    Still reading?  Scroll down a little to see a personal message from Diana.

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