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BULL 24.5V 2.65A 65W Replacement Ac Laptop Adapter Charger for Apple Powerbook G4,iBook,iBook G4,white

Item Specification Input:

AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz Output: DC 24.5V 2.65A Power: 65W Connecter size: 7.7mm/2.5mm

Replace Part Number:

A1021, M8943LL/A Compatible Models Apple PowerBook G4 Series: PowerBook G4 (1GHz/867MHz), PowerBook G4 (15-inch FW800), PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.5/1.33GHz), PowerBook G4 (17-inch) PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.33GHz), PowerBook G4 (17-inch 1.5GHz), PowerBook G4*, PowerBook G4 (Gigabit Ethernet) PowerBook G4 (DVI), PowerBook G4 (12-inch), PowerBook G4 (12-inch DVI), PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.33GHz) Apple iBook Series: iBook (Dual USB)*, iBook (Late 2001), iBook (14.1 LCD), iBook (16 VRAM), iBook (14.1 LCD 16 VRAM), iBook (Opaque 16 VRAM), iBook (32 VRAM), iBook (14.1 LCD 32 VRAM), iBook (800MHz 32 VRAM), iBook (900MHz 32 VRAM), iBook (14.1 LCD 900MHz 32 VRAM), iBook G4, iBook G4 (14-inch), iBook G4 (Early 2004), iBook with 500MHz G3 processor or higher

Product Features

  • DC-Output : 24.5V-2.65A-65W – Input : 100-240V 1.2A 50/60 Hz
  • Connector: 7.7mm*2.5mm
  • Package: 1x Ac adapter & 1x Ac power cable
  • Condition:100% OEM compatible, works as original part,12 months replacement warranty !

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AC Adapter Charger A1021 for Apple, iBook G4, PowerBook G4, 12″ 15″ 17″ 14″ (24.5V, 2.65A, 65W)

Important: Compatible with PowerBook G4 (Aluminum or Titanium models) or dual-USB iBook (500Mhz Power PC G3 or higher).

Product Features

  • Apple AC Adapter and Charger for PowerBook iBook G4 with Power Cord A1021, 65W
  • One year warranty
  • Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz; Output: 24.5V 2.65A. Brand new,

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