Instafire – Instagram Client

Instafire Instagram client

Instafire Instagram client


  • Browse, save, share, like and comment on photos
  • Subscribe to photos from a particular location
  • Follow different people and Search people/tags
  • Stylish user interface along with 6 gorgeous themes
  • Enhanced user experience optimized for Kindle Fire

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3 Responses to Instafire – Instagram Client

  1. Good app for viewing Instagram If you read the description for the app it states this is simply a way to view and comment on Instagram with the Kindle Fire. The app does that just fine and the photos look great on this big screen. So ignore the dumb folks that are frying that the Fire has no camera etc. They obviously didn’t read the description.

  2. Just what I needed… loving it! This app works great! i have been looking for this. Price seems bit high but really its worth-ed. Provides such a nice features. keep up the great work OutClick Labs. Much appreciated!

  3. Guys calm down… you do realize that the new kindle fire does have a camera? Right? …. and all you need, to take pictures is a camera app. There are tons of them out there. So stop dissing this app for something your generation doesn’t have. The camera issue (with kindle fire) has nothing to do with the app. So stop giving it bad reviews.

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