Facebook Connector

Facebook Connector

Facebook Connector

Facebook connector

  • View a list of your friends’ birthday on the go
  • Upload photos directly to your Facebook profile
  • Post a link with description or your status to your wall easily

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3 Responses to Facebook Connector

  1. Deborah Dolen "Deborah Dolen Author"

    Facebook at Your Finger Tips This app is one of my favorites and I have a few hundred apps. It is really fast and I do not have to log in on line to visit Facebook. I hope this developer creates one for Twitter and MySpace. Great work guys! ~Deborah Dolen Author

  2. Gilbert "thank me"

    App was ok, just not what they posted on your fb wall The app is great if you can’t post pics on your Facebook wall from your device. BUT it’s not cool what they post on your wall. So I deleted there app.

  3. No login, so it doesn’t access Facebook. Therefore, the screens don’t do anything and the app is useless.What a waste of my time

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