Refresh Your Mind with Tetris Games for Greater Productivity

Remember Tetris, that classic strategy game? It is still around, still fun, and still good for your mind (enhancing problem-solving skills). Only now there are dozens of fun variations on the Tetris theme. And playing Tetris is good for you.

I know what  you’re thinking: Any excuse to goof off. Right? Wrong.

Recent research shows that workers who take a break to play games a few minutes every hour or two are much more productive. There are several possible reasons for that.

Taking a short break gives your subconscious mind a chance to solve the problem you were working on. That works because the subconscious mind is the great problem-solver.

Remember the saying, “I’d like to sleep on it.” That’s why. Your unconscious mind controls dreaming and can often find solutions overnight.

Puzzle games are especially good for taking the mind off current problems and stimulating the brain to be better at problem-solving. So, marketers take note.

A free site on line,, offers free Tetris games in a host of variations that allow you to take a short, fun break and be more alert and relaxed when you go back to your real work. The list of Tetris variations includes…

  • Tetris Classic
  • Diamond Tetris
  • Funny Tetris
  • Phit
  • Stuck Up Tetris
  • Tetrollapse Light
  • Sonic Tetris
  • Boom Box Tetris
  • Pootris
  • Mario Tetris
  • Tetrix Egypt
  • Tetris 3d
  • Diablo Tetris
  • Faces Tetris
  • Hell Tetris
  • Tetris Mole
  • Simpsons Tetris
  • Jellytris

The games are Flash-based (so you need Flash player, but most of us have it, since it is free and used for many purposes), but you will need to download a Windows-based toolbar to play the games. No biggie.

So now you can feel virtuous about taking a game-playing break from work. It will actually increase your productivity, reduce stress, stimulate your brain… Did I mention it’s a lot of fun?

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