Your Image as a Marketer: Where You Live Matters

As a marketer, you should consider your image when buying a home. Where you live is a part of that image.

What image you should go for depends on your employer or business, your customers, and how you interact with them. A marketer who entertains customers who love to play golf may want to live on a golf course, not only for entertaining but to keep up his/her own game.

In most cases, though, you just want as nice a house as you can afford, and one that fits in well with your lifestyle and with the community. You’d look silly in a Cape Cod house on a ranch, for example, or a Spanish Colonial home in New England.

Traditional homes in a style that blend with the local environment and architecture are best.

You want a prestigious location if you have upscale clients. Often simply naming the town or real estate development where you live forms a certain image in the minds of those who here you say it. That can either help or harm your image as a professional marketer, so it is good to keep that mind.

As real estate agents often say, it is better to buy the smallest house on a street of mansions than to build a mansion in a neighborhood of bungaloes. The small house will be worth more, and the location is so much more prestigious.

In Florida there is a wide selection of 30A New Homes to choose from. The natural beauty provides a great setting for traditional estates or for stylish homes for active adults.

With boating, fishing, golfing and a host of other outdoor activities available year round, the area offers something for every adult and family and a wealth of opportunities to entertain clients in ways they will truly enjoy.

And you can’t beat the location. Your clients (and potential clients) will be envious and impressed.

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