Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn: An Unofficial, Step-by-Step Guide to Creating & Implementing Your LinkedIn Brand – Social Networking in a Web 2.0 World

Social media strategist Neal Schaffer’s Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn is the most comprehensive book on maximizing the potential for professional and personal networking through LinkedIn. It goes beyond the “business” genre to expand upon the world of social media marketing, branding, and today’s critical focus on career management. It clarifies the functionality of LinkedIn and how to “plug into the Windmill Network” to maximize our presence and leverage the potential to grow our networks to thousands of global connections. Schaffer offers a unique view of all phases of social media and networking, providing a direct route to developing objectives and creating brands. This book’s focus on Windmill Networking and LinkedIn is vast: creating business, gaining subject matter expertise, finding a job, expanding a network, learning online social networking etiquette, and developing a branded profile. This book generates strategies, goals, and success. The book starts by reviewing your objectives for using LinkedIn as well as how your brand will be perceived online. What follows is a function-by-function review of how to maximize all that LinkedIn has to offer for those that truly wish to utilize the professional networking platform to promote their business, network with their peers, find a job, or simply tap themselves into the premiere network for business professionals. While appropriate for both beginners to LinkedIn as well as those who want to get to the next level of expertise, one thing is for certain: After reading this book, you will have no doubt as to what you can be doing on LinkedIn to help you reach your goals and achieve success.

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3 Responses to Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn: An Unofficial, Step-by-Step Guide to Creating & Implementing Your LinkedIn Brand – Social Networking in a Web 2.0 World

  1. Some good ideas amid lots of fluff For a person just getting started with LinkedIn (that would be me), this book helped me in two ways. It helped me understand the basic features and functionality of LinkedIn (which, with the help of the book, I have come to see as a very powerful tool); AND it helped me capture the spirit of “windmill networking”, a “pay-in-forward” philosophy of networking. Having said that, the author is not much of a business person himself, and doesn’t have much to say about using LinkedIn to forward one’s business. He seems more focused on accumulating names as if the more names you had in your directory, the better business person you are. The book could have been a lot better had it really covered who to include, and who not to include, in your network, and even more, HOW to make a 2nd or a 3rd degree connection work in real world business situations. There was a lot of “fluff” in this book, not a lot of substance, and yet it was still a good starting point for taking your first steps into LinkedIn.

  2. Michael Jay Sullivan

    Advance your Linkedin Social Networking to The fullest This is by far my favorite Linkedin book. Neal not only briefly covers the basics in a very thorough and accessible way; he also- and this is where the work really shines- examines the more sophisticated elements of Linkedin, and explains the underlying logic that can anchor your knowledge. His (How, What, Why) explication on Linkedin groups is worth the price of the book alone. The strategies he presents here are invaluable in expanding your Linkedin branding efforts.I also learned a lot about advanced profile creation, and the optimum usage of Linkedin Questions and advanced searching strategies. I have looked at other books and attended several costly webinars on Linkedin that usually promise more than they deliver and often are a rehashing of the basics. Buy, read, and reference this well laid out, well written, master work on Linkedin. You can save yourself hundreds of dollars and hours of frustration, and it the most current book out there, which is an essential element when considering information on the rapidly evolving Web 2.0, social media, landscape.Neal says he is currently working on a new book on, the often cryptic and confusing, Twitter. I’m sure Neal will help his readers master that pesky platform as well as he does here with Linkedin.

  3. A Must Read There are so many tools available on Linkedin that provide great value to its users. The trouble is that not all of them are intuitive. Furthermore, learning the nooks and crannies of Linkedin without guidance from Linkedin gurus like Neal takes an inordinate amount of time. Thanks to the techniques highlighted in this book, my Linkedin proficiency has skyrocketed. If you want to learn how to use Linkedin to its maximum capacity without having to pay for a premium account, read Neal’s book. Happy networking!

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