What I Did to Sell More Kindle Books on Amazon: How to Make Self – Publishing Less Stressful While Generating Income

Direct response expert Diana Loera shows you how to utilize proven direct response marketing strategies to increase your book sales.

It sounds very easy to make money by selling a book but once you have a book published you find that the playing field isn’t level. 
There are authors making money each week and there are others who won’t make even one sale.
To be successful you need a proven strategy but strategies take time, money and expertise to develop.
Many successful authors tout the value of having an established email list of fans who are eager to snap up your next book. But what if you don’t have an email list?
Diana walks you through how to build brand recognition for your book – without having an established email list.
Her strategy is written for non- fiction writers but fiction writers will find valuable information in the marketing section and both non- fiction and fiction writers will find value in her established list of resources. 
 Don’t have a book topic? No worries as Diana shares with you a list of possible topic ideas that you are free to claim as your own.
Overwhelmed by the idea of actually marketing a book since you’re a writer not a marketer? No worries – Diana’s strategy is laid out so almost anyone can follow it and she also offers a lifeline as backup by including her personal contact email if you have marketing questions after reading her book.
There are numerous sources (yes, she includes them in the book) ready to help you market your book for an incredibly small amount of money.  You can also follow her strategy and do the marketing yourself but in the book you’ll find out why she advises against doing so.
If you’ve read this far – you’re probably looking for help and guidance so you can make money with your book. 
 Buy this book now – seriously, the small amount that you spend now will be well worth it to have Diana’s marketing expertise laid out in an easy to follow book.  
Make 2013 your year to make your first book sale or increase your book sales. 
Still reading?  Scroll down a little to see a personal message from Diana.

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3 Responses to What I Did to Sell More Kindle Books on Amazon: How to Make Self – Publishing Less Stressful While Generating Income

  1. FULL OF USEFUL INFORMATION I found alot of useful information on this eBook. However, I had a lot of problems with it. There were some formatting issues. Each time I finished reading a chapter the book would ‘close’ and the cover page would appear. I had to keep going back to the table of contents and click on the next chapter to read it. Very frustrating. If not for that I would have given the book a 5 star rating.

  2. Jerome D. Lovil

    A great how-to guide for self-publishers! This gal knows her stuff, and I will probably be taking her pinterest and FB advice. She delivers solid advice from a marketing/advertising perspective and from the writer’s point of view. The things that she covers is not totally unexpected, no WOW type items, but after reading her book, I feel that some things I have been avoiding are doable after all.

  3. Bonnie M. Benson

    Incredibly helpful! Her marketing advice is golden!! And she is extremely generous in recommending other authors as well as sharing her resources. Working my way through her tips and suggestions right now.Many thanks, Diana.

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