Product Features

  • Unlimited uploads and free
  • Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook (more coming soon!)
  • Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
  • Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor’s picks

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3 Responses to Vine

  1. Well….Okay…many problems Okay I really like vine me and my sis make them all the time on her IPhone and when I saw it on my Kindle Fire HD I was so excited but….it needs an update. I was having so much fun and then suddenly everything froze and I had to restart my kindle. When I got back on I thought let’s watch netflix. Then it said “Netflix is not working.” Then it had the options of waiting or leaving so I left and tried to play a game..same thing. Then I tried another game “This game is not working” So I turned off my kindle and tried vine and the kindle froze once again. Ugh! Turn off go to vine. Vine worked and then I tried to make my own video. Nope. Frozen once again. Grrrrrr. I decided to remove it from my device and cloud and write a review but I thought to read some. One said “get the app then shut off the device. “Oh silly me!” I thought. I did so and it worked!!! Yay! About an hour later ANOTHER FREEZE UP. THIS TIME THE WHOLE KINDLE WOULD NOT MOVE. I had to look out up online to see what to do. Thank God I fixed it. Once again I removed it off the device and cloud. Now all my apps work fine. Do not get Vine it makes all your apps freeze and maybe your device. Honestly I love the whole vine and the videos but not when it doesn’t work. I’m not trying to blame the app but I’m sorry I don’t want an app freezing up my kindle. Although I will check in and see if the app has improved. Please fix it. I am sure it will be fun. I try not to be negative but it just doesn’t please me. I hope you found this helpful and if this review is near the bottom it is probably is old please look at the newer ones the problem may have been fixed by now. (: thank you for reading (trust me it is fun please don’t get rid of it and forget about it, just wait and see if the problem is fixed and when it is you will have a blast!)

  2. Addictive app but… I love vine! I love making videos and checking out my friends profile but there is only one problem; it freezes, all the time! It would be amazing if someone could please fix it. I would recommend you do get it, but on a different device because they have some work to do.

  3. Great but not so good I love this app and the idea of the short looping funny vids, but it is constantly crashing and doesn’t always load. I know this app is still new and has time to update but it is getting on my nerves.

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