vGram – Best Instagram Browser(Kindle Tablet Edition)

Product Features

  • Double the Fun – Enjoy two Full-Sized pictures at the same time. Why do you use a Kindle Fire Tablet if you can’t maximize the beauty of its large screen?
  • Instagram Communtiy – Access gorgeous pictures taken by millions of memebers in Instagram Community.
  • Slick Visual Style – the interface of vGram is clean and Pixel Perfect.

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3 Responses to vGram – Best Instagram Browser(Kindle Tablet Edition)

  1. Worthless This app is worthless. I advise kindle fire users to download the instagram app online at This site is legal and is free. Just search up instagram and download the newest version.

  2. Dislike I cannot like my photos. The only yhing you can do is look through your pictures. Also you cant add people or right captions….

  3. Lame. You can’t like any pics or posts with this app, just view… so very lame. Spend a couple dollars and get Instafire.

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