Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

Get the business leader’s guide to using Twitter to gain competitive advantage.

Since 2006, forward-thinking companies like Apple, JetBlue, Whole Foods, and GM have discovered the instant benefits of leveraging the social media phenomenon known as Twitter to reach consumers directly, build their brand, and increase sales. Twitter is at the leading edge of the social media movement, allowing members to connect with one another in real time via short text messages?called “tweets”?that can be received either via the Twitter site or by e-mail, instant messenger, or cell phone. Many companies have started building entire teams within their organization dedicated solely to responding to tweets from consumers about their brand. And this is just the beginning.

In Twitter Power, Internet marketing and Web innovation expert Joel Comm shows businesses and marketers how to integrate Twitter into their existing marketing strategies to build a loyal following among Twitter members, expand awareness for their product or service, and even handle negative publicity due to angry or disappointed consumers. The book also presents case studies of companies on the forefront of the Twitter movement, to help you develop your own social networking strategies. Twitter Power is the result of extensive testing and participation in the social networking community and is a must-have for any business that wants to keep up with the social media movement. Twitter Power features a foreword by Tony Robbins.Since 2006, forward-thinking companies like Apple, JetBlue, Whole Foods, and GM have discovered the instant benefits of leveraging social media site Twitter to reach consumers directly, build their brand, and increase their sales. Some companies have whole teams of specialists whose only job is to respond to the tweets of consumers.

In this revised and updated edition of Twitter Power, online marketing guru Joel Comm explores the latest trends in how businesses and marketers can integrate Twitter into their existing marketing strategies to build a loyal following among Twitter members, expand awareness of their product or service, and even handle negative publicity due to angry or disappointed customers.

  • Updated with thirty percent new material, including all the latest business applications for Twitter
  • Includes new, recent case studies of companies at the forefront of the Twitter movement
  • Helps you develop your own social networking strategy to meet your specific business needs

Twitter Power is a must-have resource for any business leader who wants to keep up with the social media movement.

Twitter Tips from the Author
Driving Followers to the Mall

Look through my timeline, and you’ll see lots of different kinds of tweets. You’ll see links to my blog posts. You’ll see replies to my followers. You’ll see my opinions on politics, gaming, and social media. You’ll even see the odd quote that I’ve thrown in for fun and to spark some comments.

What you won’t see are tweets that tell people they should be buying my products. That’s not what I use Twitter for. I prefer to use it to build a brand and a community. In time, that will bring me more loyal customers and more sales overall. I can already see it happening in the number of visitors to my blog and the type of comments those visitors leave. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use Twitter to drive direct sales.

You can, but you have to follow a number of simple rules:

Don’t do it too often. A special offer once a week is plenty. More than that, and you’ll start to look like a commercial Twitter timeline rather than a personal one. That will reduce the number of your users.

Make the offers really special. Time-limited offers and discount coupons make followers feel that they’re being rewarded for reading your tweets. Being part of an exclusive club is a powerful motivator to keep reading.

Keep the offers targeted. People will follow you for all sorts of reasons. They might have seen your Twitter URL on your blog. They might have seen a reply to you in someone else’s timeline. Or they could have read one of your re-tweeted messages to name just three.

They’ll stick around because they find your tweets interesting and entertaining.

With a group of followers that could be quite varied, the temptation might be to make offers for any products you can think of. If someone offers you an interesting-looking joint venture, you might want to mention it on Twitter, offer a discount code, and see if anyone bites. You could do that, and some people might bite. However, if your keep your offers closely-targeted to your specialized subject—whatever that subject might be—you’ll continue to come across as an expert, and because your trust levels on that topic will be higher, your conversion rates should be higher too.

Don’t link to a sales page without a special offer. Although Twitterers understand that companies are using the site for branding and marketing, they don’t want to feel that they’re being pushed into buying. If the tweets are interesting and entertaining, then followers will be happy to read them.

In fact, they’ll enjoy them and they’ll see the company as having its finger on the pulse, as a firm that feels that it’s part of their community and that knows how to follow the community’s rules. Companies that are seen to view followers as nothing more than walking moneybags, though, aren’t going to pick up followers. They’re actually more likely to lose followers who were once customers.

Link directly to a sales page without making the follower feel that they’re receiving special treatment, and you create the impression that you really want to sell, not tweet.

Usually, the best way to drive followers to buying pages is to use the strategies we’ve seen already: Create entertaining tweets, and throw in occasional special offers that appear to reward followers while avoiding the appearance of a hard sale—or even that you’re marketing.

There is one exception though. A number of timelines have turned up on Twitter that take exactly the opposite approach. They’re a bit like Darren Rowse’s Twitterfeed account: They provide just one type of tweet and followers know exactly what they’re getting.

In this case, they’re getting nothing but special offers. Once in a while, MomsWhoSave (@momswhosave) will toss in a personal tweet. But it’s mostly discounts and coupon codes for its 8,375 followers.

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3 Responses to Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time

  1. James L. Paris "James Paris"

    Best Book On Twitter This is the third Twitter book I have read and this one was the best by far. In my reading and marking pages, I found at least 50 specific marketing strategies I can use right now. Being an author of 20 books myself, I am a tough critic of these kinds of books. I would give this one my highest recommendation for anyone wanting to learn about Twitter or online marketing in general.[...]

  2. Rhiannon Bowman "Rhi B."

    If you want to be a successful Twit, you need this book. If you’re interested in creating a successful Twitter account- especially one you hope will boost your bottom-line- you’ll find the book is worth every cent.It’s obvious from the start of the book, which you’ll want to read in front of your computer, that Comm wants readers to utilize it as a reference guide to get started and make productive use of their Twitter time- not be an end-all-be-all Twitter Bible (he leaves plenty of room for Twitter to upgrade).New Twitter users will find the first three chapters immensely helpful, while those of us who are already Tweetie Birds (follow me @RhiBowman) could easily skip them. Though, I wouldn’t, if I were you; you’ll likely find a couple of wise tips you never knew you were looking for within those pages. They cover a brief history of social media, Twitter’s recipe for success and how to get started- from choosing a user name to resources for designing your profile page.While it’s true much of the rest of the book is intended for business users, the good-to-know information will be helpful for those who are all about Twitter fun, too. Every Twitterer wants to build a following (chapter five), needs to “play nice” (chapter 12 covers legal-ese) and lots of groups might be interested in using Twitter to communicate with their members (chapter seven). But, business users will want to pay particularly close attention to the chapters on customer service, brand building and using Twitter as a tool to drive traffic to your Web site (and products).The book is easy to use as a reference with its thorough contents page(s) and comprehensive index. So, for those who don’t feel they have the time to read cover-to-cover, you can certainly pick through for the specific information you need to know.Speaking of picking, I do have a couple of gripes. I’ll start with typos; they’re distracting. There aren’t tons of them, but there are enough of them for me to mention them here. Second, of the many helpful Web sites Comm lists, I did find that he has a business interest in one of them ( Wish he would have disclosed that fact. (Maybe since the name is so close to the book’s title he assumed we’d figure it out.) Lastly, his co-author Ken Burge, mentions a portion of the book’s Web site several times in techy chapter 11 but, as of this writing, it’s under construction. Of course, the book is only one week old. And, frankly, those are minor problems and shouldn’t prevent you from reading the book.twitterstatsHere’s why: the book is going to help you increase your “followers” list and it will help you use Twitter more effectively- whether for business or for pleasure. For proof, look at the stats for my Twitter account. When I began reading the book- three days ago- I had 328 followers. Right now I have 454- and, I’ve only just begun to follow Comm’s advice. Plus, I’ve gained followers that I genuinely like who I hope enjoy Tweeting with me.I can’t help but believe Comm would be proud of me for paying attention to the numbers.Rhiannon Bowman, Freelance WriterThe Word

  3. If you’re using Twitter you need to read Twitter Power! I’ve been following Joel on Twitter for over a year as of writing this. Over that time I’ve seen his Twitter following grow by thousands of followers! Watching this amazing growth and following Joel’s tweets I’ve realized he definitely knows Twitter inside and out. I’m glad he’s finally released all his knowledge and tips into book format.Just in the the first few chapters Twitter Power covers the basics and potential mistakes I see SO MANY people making with Twitter. It then goes on to cover many other helpful aspects such as how to use Twitter to build your brand, getting help, building a team, applications you can use with Twitter, and more.I highly recommend reading Twitter power for anyone that uses Twitter and wants to get the most out of it.

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