Twitter: It’s Not Rocket Science: Get 100k Targeted Followers

Have you been on Twitter for ages and still only gathered a few hundred Followers? Or have you just joined and don’t really know where to start?

Ted Tayler has established a great platform on Twitter – with genuine, engaged followers who enjoy his tweets, his blog posts and his thrillers.

In this book he shares with you his methods on how he got 100k Twitter Followers with minimal expense in his own light hearted style. All it took was the same amount of consistent effort every day.

He explains step-by-step what to do, what not to do and even admits to some embarrassing mistakes he made so that you can avoid them.

This book will be a great help to anyone who wants to use Twitter as a professional tool without wasting valuable time. It steers you safely through the minefield of social media.

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2 Responses to Twitter: It’s Not Rocket Science: Get 100k Targeted Followers

  1. Recommended – clear concise. 0

  2. Amazon Customer "Geoff Nelder"

    so much in only 140! 0

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