Product Features

  • Browse interests
  • Find and follow friends
  • Tweet and Retweet
  • Favorite
  • Direct Message privately with your followers
  • Share photos, videos, and web pages
  • View maps, trends, and follow

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3 Responses to Twitter

  1. Update Fail a few days ago I got a notification that Twitter had updated its app for the Kindle Fire so of course I did so. it went from using the browser to an app feature similar to how Tumblr’s works. GREAT, FANTASTIC idea! except eveytime you go to use the “new and approved app” it asks how you’d like to view Twitter…browser or app. then neither choice loads and if you attempt to go to via web it does the same thing. so basically, I’ve lost Twitter capabilities completely on my Fire.

  2. Amazing, Well-Designed for my Galaxy Tab I’m loving the Amazon Appstore. The Twitter app runs perfect on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. I love it, the user interface is amazing. Keep up the good work!

  3. works great for me! works great for me! i like the home screen widget, and navigating through it is pretty easy. haven’t really used any third-party apps, but this does everything i need it to.

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