The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Business With Pinterest!

Pinterest can take your business to a whole different level. All it takes is a few “Pins” and your business can really take off. Pinterest is growing and it’s growing fast so before you start off on your Pinterest journey, be sure you’re ready for new traffic or orders. If you do it right, it’s has the potential to be a better marketing tool than Facebook or Twitter. This comprehensive book is the only definitive guide you will ever need to discover: • What Pinterest is and how it works • How to get followed and dramatically increase traffic to your site • How to take the visual conversation to Facebook and Twitter for a more integrated online marketing experience • How to do SEO for Pinterest • How to cash in with Pinterest • How to measure and track results • 23 tools you can use to enhance your Pinterest experience That’s just few of the things you will learn from this book that will conclude with a 17 steps plan for a successful pinning experience to benefit your business and help achieve your goals whatever they are: drive traffic to your site, get leads, increase sales, build brand awareness, do market research, test new product concepts or even educate.

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  1. Pinterest for business promotion? So nice to read a book about marketing your businessonline that isn’t the usual Internet marketing hype.This book contains solid facts and how to instructionfor applying Pinterest to your marketing arsenal.

  2. Ready Set…. Pinterest If you are now just hearing about Pinterest, you are not alone. This site is one of the fastest growing social media sites out there today and the concept is really simple and beautiful.The idea is that you set up a Pinterest account and then you “Pin” your interest up on boards that are content or interest specific. The site is made so that pictures that you found pretty, interesting or otherwise caught your eye can be saved and shared.The author reports that in the US and the UK the first adopters have been women who use the site to share everything from wedding attire and themes to recipes and food pictures. There is a huge craft contigency as well as groups devoted to art, fashion, design, etc.The book does a great job of explaining how the site works and how to make the most of your presence there. She spends a good chapter discussing the copyright issues of posting pictures that you do not own and the author also gives you the lowdown on the proper etiguette of the site.If you are a business that wants to set up a promotional type site (magazines such as People and Better Homes and Gardens are early adopters), Ms. Taylor walks you through how best to go about this including information in set up, SEO and other marketing advice.Pinterest is as addictive as Facebook but it is, in my opinion, much more pleasing to look at. You must be invited to become a member but the author will get you that invitation if you just email her. This book has everything you ever wanted to know about this site and whether you are looking for information on how to best use Pinterest, for business or for pleasure, this is your book.

  3. Laurie A. Morse

    Excellent material I’m very new to Pinterest and wasn’t sure how to get started. This book is very clear and offers step-by-step guidance on how to set up everything in Pinterest. In addition, the author offers the how’s and why’s for marketing on Pinterest in a no-hype, integrious manner. I read the book in an afternoon and had my Pinterest profile set up the next day. I also love that the author offers updates to her material as Pinterest grow and changes. Well worth the money!

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