The Ultimate Digital Book Promotion Handbook – The Author’s Guide To Finding Places To Promote Your Book Online

As an author you realize that if you want to sell a lot of books, you’re going to need to find the best ways to promote it. There are hundreds of new tools, resources and websites that you can utilize to help you promote your book, but finding them all is a lot of work.

The Ultimate Book Promotion Handbook is a constantly updated guide to many of the best places to promote your book on the Web. Keep this list handy and refer to it often. It could be the difference between making 10 sales of your book, or 10,000.

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3 Responses to The Ultimate Digital Book Promotion Handbook – The Author’s Guide To Finding Places To Promote Your Book Online

  1. Probably the best 99 cents an ebook author can spend I don’t know the author of this book and I had never heard of him until I downloaded this book, so if my comments sound like they’re coming from a “sock puppet” (i.e, phony) reviewer, I can assure you they’re not.This book bundles lists of all the popular book promotion sites and resources into one place, complete with links. You could probably come up with your own list that includes many – maybe even most – of these resources, but doing so would take many, MANY hours. Here, the work has been done for you, all for the princely sum of 99 cents.If you place any kind of value on your time (and you SHOULD), you know that that’s a steal. Additionally, the author promises to periodically update the book for free… all of which makes buying this little book a no-brainer.

  2. Cheryl A. Bowman "who likes to read all sorts...

    free book automatically = appreciative review? Made me smile when I read: “You can ask your reader who is getting a free book to consider leaving a positive review, or no review at all if they don’t like it, which I think is fair. I mean, you gave them a free copy. If you can’t say anything nice… don’t say anything at all, right?”I am still on the fence on this issue of “free book = appreciative review” or “friendship=happy review”. After all, the free book was given in hopes that I would review it on Amazon. If only positive reviews are included, then the whole Amazon review system is of little value to someone in the decision of spending their hard-earned money. (I know gaming happens but it isn’t that hard to spot fake positive reviews for the most part). At the same time, authors are real people with real feelings and everyone deserves to be treated respectfully.I appreciated the comment about proofreading and also not spamming the link to one’s book everywhere. It did bother me that the book isn’t really what will be updated, it seems it is the website that will be updated. In the age of monetized clicks, that brought out my inner cynic.While this little e-book wasn’t really a lot of help for me, I agreed with the author that for the technology-challenged, having a vetted list is much better than the mess that can result from a poor Google search. If you fall in that category, at 99 cents or 1.01, it is probably worth it.

  3. RP Dahlke "TheDeadRed_&Sailing_mysteries"

    An important read for Indie authors & cheap at any price! short and to the point is my idea of a how-to book. It’s loaded with ideas, bloggers/reviewers and websites that can help any self-published author navigate their way through the maze of information. I look forward to learning more through the author’s marketing group.

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