The Social Network

Original Score created by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (NIN, How To Destroy Angels).

Available in a 4 panel digipak CD package or dual 180 gram vinyl triple gatefold package.

Product Features

  • Record Label: Alliance
  • Country Of Release: USA
  • Year Of Release: 2010
  • Notes: Soundtrack To The Movie About The Creators Of Facebook

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3 Responses to The Social Network

  1. Carbonadam "Ladies and gentleman, I hope that...

    Stands on its own Scores for films these days have become canned sounding and typical. When I was a kid (1970s) soundtracks used to be as important as every other element of the film and not simply something slapped on by some score jockey to make the film complete. Decades later I still enjoy the score to Star Wars, A Clockwork Orange, Superman, Akira, etc… I remember back in the day even garbage films would have a decent score. Time Rider and Remo Williams are 2 examples. Today this is no longer the norm and dozens and dozens of BIG FILM scores come and go and I leave theaters having not noticed the music at all. Once in a while I am surprised. Recent films like There Will Be Blood, Code 46, and most recently MONSTERS all had decent music scores. The social network is no exception, delivering, in my opinion, one of the finest scores to come along in quite some time. That the score stands alone on its own as listenable, tangible music, long before I have even seen the film is testament to its power and visceral nature.I like the minimal nature of the music and am reminded, somewhat, of Aphex Twin. There is also an undercurrent, here and there, of early classic video game sounds peppered throughout. It’s not overused and I enjoy these sounds. They help give the score a tangential connection back to the first Atari some of us older dudes knew as the very first piece of real technology that came into our homes and altered our lives. Since then the pace of new technology has quickened and with the internet and computers the classic version of the inventor and tinkerer has been literally reborn as young software programmers with ideas, rather than devices. I love how Mark Zuckerberg changed the world from his dorm room. I also love how I am noticing a history of electronics embedded and layered within this fantastic music.I could go on and on but for the price that this score is being offered at, seriously, stop reading and download it already.

  2. trent reznor at his very best if you appreciate all that trent reznor has done (whether it’s nine inch nails or how to destroy angels or the side projects he’s done for numerous movie soundtracks and video games), you will love this! reminiscent of his 4-part “ghosts” album with nine inch nails collaborator atticus ross… this beautifully melodic soundtrack sets the mood and tone for what essentially is, a david fincher film.

  3. a seductive/destructive electronic score The score is electronically based, a lot of use of drum machines and warm synths, delicately sprinkled with subtle “hot noise”,guitar drones, and crunchy textures. The sound is succulent and sweet yet aggravated in a highly controlled manner of wear and tear. When listening to the music, I was getting a sense of a corruption brewing underneath all the audio seduction. Quite unlike anything out there, in terms of scores, and another progressive step for the creative duo. It is an important album for film-philes, as well as the general electronic music fan base as well.

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