The Small Army Strategy: A Guide for Turning Fans and Followers into Fanatics and Friends for Life

We’ve entered a fierce battle for attention. You won’t be the next Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin or Chris Brogan. The world doesn’t need more copycats. It needs you to be you. The only way you’ve got a shot at winning this war for attention is to give all yours to the few that matter. The most important people in the world are the ones who show up for you. Take such good care of them that they have no choice, but to recruit a small army. That’s what this is about. It’s about building an army, no matter how small that will show up and fight with you every single day to win whatever battles your fighting. You could be battling the demons of depression, career catastrophes, or the loss of love. This is about about building an army that will help you fight those battles and much more. This book isn’t about how to get more traffic or increase the number of subscribers to your blog. Those things are potential byproducts , but not the goal. The goal is to treasure and nurture the attention you already have.

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3 Responses to The Small Army Strategy: A Guide for Turning Fans and Followers into Fanatics and Friends for Life

  1. Small Book for a Small Army You need this multi-vitamin. Srinivas Rao has learned what he knows about this from two angles: from those he’s seen make some success from working with their community, and from his own success at this effort. You’ll get more out of this book if you actually DO something with the ideas, instead of nod in agreement. But then, you know that. Pick this up and change your outcomes for the better.

  2. @glimpseofreason

    the right message at exactly the right time Just when you think everyone is talking about the same old strategies, encouraging people to become annoyances, to play the numbers game and to spam the heck out of the internet…BAM! Srini delivers a powerful smack in the social media chops, highlighting the importance of being human, being you and being someone who gives a damn about something.This is absolutely the message that needs to be heard. The antidote to an endless stream of tired old advice from so called “gurus”.You nailed it Srini!

  3. Exactly What I Needed to Read! As a blogger and small business owner, I’ve made it a habit to read books on marketing for small businesses. While many authors have learned to stay away from drab statistics and business-speak in the modern, very ADHD world, I have yet to read a book that caught my attention quite like this one. As a matter of fact, I read it in two sittings – and two only because the first was at 3am and I had class the next day…I finished it IN class.Everything I read tells me how to increase my Twitter followers and improve my Google analytics for the blog, but none have described how to do the one thing a blogger really needs to do: build a community of readers. Not just droves of ‘subscribers’ that send you to SPAM, but an actual small army of people who support you, and love your work. I am a part of several ‘armies’, now that I’ve read this and realize it, and they are just as fulfilling on the reader end. I love knowing that the person knows me, and I’m not just another statistic adding potential earnings to their PayPal account.Thanks to Srinivas and his well-practiced words of wisdon, I can build my own small army.

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