The Promotion: A Short Paranormal Suspense Story


“Dang. I loved this story. A couple of Reapers who are looking to get promoted in the cut throat world of reaping. What they have to go through and the way it all ends is an unexpected surprise. I’d recommend this story and author.”

G.R. Agent 102498 loves his job. “Collecting lives” is what he was made to do. He has worked hard to climb up from the bottom, but lately he feels stuck.

He has been a Level 2 Agent for long time now, and he feels he is ready to be promoted to Level 3: Random Works.

When he happens across a couple, whose son is just days from turning three, he knows he has finally found the Collection that will convince his superiors to promote him.

His boss agrees to the collection, but adds some treacherous conditions of his own. And to make matters worse, a beautiful Agent shows up in his hunting grounds looking for a promotion of her own.

This story is approximately 11,000 words long.

Categories: Suspense, Dark Fantasy, Contemporary Urban, Paranormal Thriller, Horror Fiction, Action Adventure, American, Free Short Story, Grim Reaper

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