The Ingenious Guide To Twitter (Ingenious Guides To Social Networks)

Learn How To Setup And Effectively Use Twitter To Create A Following

The secrets to getting more followers using Twitter is just a short read away.

Here’s what people are saying:

“I don’t know the author, but I like…no, I LOVE this book.” – Voyle A. Glover

“This book is a must have for anyone new to Twitter. It is written in an easy to follow format and will assist a new user in getting the most out of Twitter.” – Cathy A. Pulsifer

“…this book explained it all simply and clearly… and this old dinosaur now understands! It actually made a lot of sense,so I now know what to do to use twitter for home and business. I just wanted to say thank you. The book was a big help!” – Jim

Twitter is an amazing tool that has come from a small little known service to one of the top 10 most visited websites in the world. With over 500 million active users, Twitter sees more than 340 million tweets and over 1.6 billion searches each day.

One of the biggest issues that new users face is understanding how to use the service to their advantage and how to reach current and potential customers for their business. In this guide, I’ll show you how to setup your Twitter account from scratch, show you how to customize it to match your brand and how to use it more effectively.

Learn How To:

  • Set up your account quickly and easily
  • Set up a profile that makes people want to follow you
  • Design and setup a profile page that shows your personality and encourages followers
  • Get a better understanding of just how to use Twitter and how to use it effectively
  • Learn what to Tweet and when to Tweet
  • Get a better understanding of how you use Twitter
  • Learn how to search and track activity on Twitter so you know how to improve your usage
  • Before you know it you’ll be a Twitter Guru!

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    3 Responses to The Ingenious Guide To Twitter (Ingenious Guides To Social Networks)

    1. Voyle A. Glover "Attorney, Author, Speaker"

      Excellent Twitter Guide. I don’t know the author, but I like…no, I LOVE this book. I’m pretty savvy about Twitter and my initial reaction was that it probably would not teach me anything I didn’t already know, but…the price was right and I’m one of those people who believes that if I learn just one thing from a book like this, it’s worth it. I learned several things I did not know. My fav chapter was Chapter 7 “Searching and Tracking.” If you are new to Twitter, this is a MUST buy. If you’re like me, a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 of experience with Twitter, there are some things in here that you’ll not likely know. Wish I’d gotten this when I first started w/Twitter. It would have saved me from some serious blunders.

    2. Nancy Hendrickson "Nancy"

      Great for Beginning Tweeters As someone who has been on Twitter for five years I’m always looking for new reads about the platform. An Ingenious Guide to Twitter is focused mostly on beginning tweeters – but what I liked about it was that it really covered all the basics that a newbie would need to know before jumping into the tweetosphere. For example, if you don’t know the difference between a hashtag # and an RT, go buy this book right now! Or, if you don’t know the protocol for dealing with mentions or trending topics, you’ll quickly find out here.One thing that I didn’t know that much about was Twitter chat. I’ve read about it before, but only briefly. And, now that I know more about it I think it’s something that I’d like to get into. Fortunately, Steve included a link to a spreadsheet that has hundreds of Twitter chats, including a description, info link and day and time of each chat. There really is something for everyone.

    3. A Refresher on Twitter Is it coincidental that just as I thinking about getting back to that Twitter account I started 3 years’ ago with the best of intentions to start building a community along comes a handy e-book that will bring me up to date on the latest developments as well as provide a refresher on this unused tool I have in my toolbox.Each time I tried to use it I was unsure of where to go with this and eventually abandoned this tool. After reading this e-book I feel inspired to let at it again.It is hard to believe that it has only been around for six years but over 80% of the world tweets! The potential for connecting quickly with like-minded people creates some phenomenal opportunities to network or to simply enhance the user’s experience when sharing common interests.As the author says it is like addressing people in a room rather than speaking to folks in a broader setting. It is easy enough to imagine this more personal approach to connecting with people and selecting topics to share with others suddenly becomes easier.An exciting bit of news is that Google has created a spreadsheet that lists hundreds of scheduled chats so that those burgeoning relationships have plenty of opportunity to bond more closely.The author gives tips on what to tweet about and how to share goals and objectives. I like the fact that he has spent more time in expanding on the basic steps, starting from helping the potential Twitter user to decide whether to have two or more Twitter accounts or not. We are not left up in the air trying to figure that one out ourselves.He includes great examples of what works for the look and feel of the site for building closer relationships. This is a tool that works more quickly than other social media options and should be explored further by people looking for a community building tool that quickly laser targets potential members. The book is easy to read and I recommend it to all who are interested in getting their questions finally answered about the benefits of using Twitter.

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