The Frugal Book Promoter: How to get nearly free publicity on your own or partnering with your publisher (The HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers)

The second edition of The Frugal Book Promoter is an updated version of the multi award-winning first edition. It has been expanded to include simple ways to promote books using newer technology, always considering promotion and marketing techniques that are easy on the pocketbook and frugal of time. It also includes a multitude of ways for authors and publishers to promote the so-called hard-to-promote genres.

The award-winning author of poetry and fiction draws on a lifetime of experience in journalism, public relations, retailing, marketing, and the marketing of her own books to give authors the basics they need for do-it-yourself promotion and fun, effective approaches that haven’t been stirred and warmed over, techniques that will rocket their books to bestselling lists.

You’ll also learn to write media releases, query letters and a knock ‘em dead media kit–all tools that help an author find a publisher and sell their book once it’s in print.

We all know that book promotion (and life!) has changed since The Frugal Book Promoter was first published in 2004–particularly in ways that have to do with the Web, but in other ways, too. As an example, the publishing world in general is more open to indie publishing now than it was then. So, this update but includes lots of information on ways to promote that were not around or were in their infancy a few short years ago. So here is what is new:

There is new information in this expanded and updated edition that answers questions like these:
·What is Carolyn’s simplified method for making social networks actually work–without spending too much time away from my writing?
·How can I avoid falling into some of the scam-traps for authors?
·How can I get into one of those big tradeshows like BEA?
·What are the best “old-fashioned” ways to promote–the ones I shouldn’t give up on entirely?
·There is even an updated section on how you go about writing (and publishing) an award-worthy book. And, of course, you’ll find it loaded with resources you can use–but they’re all updated.
·How can I use the new QR codes to promote my book to mobile users? And to others?
·What are the pitfalls of using the Web and how can I avoid them?
·What are the backdoor methods of getting reviews–even long after my book has been published?

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3 Responses to The Frugal Book Promoter: How to get nearly free publicity on your own or partnering with your publisher (The HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers)

  1. Holly Weiss "Crestmont"

    The Second Edition is a Goldmine I purchased The Frugal Book Promoter 1st Edition in 2004 and scoured it for ideas to promote my debut novel. I used it so much that its pages are worn. It’s full of post-its I stuck in with reminders of what I should do and when. The countless ideas about marketing were a valuable resource for publicizing my book. I have fifty reviews on Amazon and have sold more copies than I thought possible. The Frugal Book Promoter was a gold mine!I’ve recently discovered an UPDATED gold mine. Carolyn Howard Johnson’s SECOND EDITION of The Frugal Book Promoter, available in eBook and print versions, is packed and twice as thick as the first version. Do you want to hit the marketing world running with your book? I highly recommend you utilize the many resources in the Second Edition. The information is completely current and easy to follow. This excellent resource puts you, the author, in the driver’s seat to do what your publisher can’t to promote your book. A huge plus–the tips are “nearly free” (to quote the cover subtitle).Today’s technology, social networking and marketing techniques are covered. Updated web resources abound. Advice in sync with today’s Internet are incorporated:* Blogging tips and pitfalls* Obtaining reviews and avoiding scams* Finding places to pitch your book* Using the eBook explosion to promote sales* Using Google alerts to full advantage* Staying on top of current trends in the publishing industry* Writing quality query, media release letters and scripts for telephone pitches* Putting together power point and author talk presentationsDon’t have deep pockets to pay a pricey publicist? Do you want your book to get maximum exposure? This book is a game-changer and the best investment in your book’s future you can make. Carolyn Howard Johnson is an author who understands authors and generously shares her savvy about marketing. Highly recommended.Review by Holly Weiss, author of Crestmont

  2. Magdalena Ball

    The best guide around for create interesting, fresh, inexpensive, and relatively easy promotion for your book It doesn’t matter how many books you’ve published. Self-published or traditionally published, gaining publicity is always tricky, always critical, and always a moving target. If your budget is limited, it’s even harder, and perhaps, even more imperative. Enter Carolyn Howard-Johnson, the queen of frugal promotion. Her frugal books are pitched at the modern writer: time poor, financially persimonious, and publicity hungry. The Frugal Book Promoter is the jewel in the crown. As with the first version, The Frugal Book Promoter is full of ideas, strategies, and tips for promoting your book cheaply, in innovative and effective ways, but it has been updated with a much greater focus on new technologies, the all-important social networks, and a range of stratgies designed to help authors with less commercial offerings such as poetry and fiction.Of course the book is rich with classic techniques too, such as media releases, query letters, and a whole fantastic chapter pulling together a media kit. There’s information on using bylines, writing a biography, obtaining endorsements and blurbs, distribution of releases, obtaining reviews, tradeshows, book fairs, setting up a website, and many more ‘must-do’ items that have really become part and parcel of any author’s promotional toolkit. Ignore this kind of stuff and unless you win some kind of book lotto, your book will almost certainly fall into the obscurity that is an ever-present risk of modern authordom. What I like best about Howard-Johnson’s book is the simple, informal prose which is both warmly reassuring (‘of coures you can do this’), and deceptively intelligent. The reader is encouraged and reminded of his or her own innate capabilities even as they’re goaded onto to raising the bar.The new version also contains a chapter on some of the most current topics, including information on blogging, working Amazon, using social networks, and even some common pitfalls to avoid in blogging and networking. Howard-Johnson totally practices what she preaches, so her advice comes directly from her many years of experience, and is rich with innovative ideas to minimise the time involved and maximise the input through such things as integration and cross-linking, clever use of soundbites and re-tweetable tweets, setting up a “Quotable Quotes” page on your Web site (I love that one), using RSS, and many other novel ideas. Throughout the book there are links, anecdotes, worked examples, and excellent templates including queries, a sample media release, blog entries, invitations, and even a tip sheet.No, you don’t really need a copy of The Frugal Book Promoter. You could hire a publicist for $100 an hour, or organise a retainer for anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000. But if you’re looking to do your own publicity, or to augment your publishers and don’t have the kind of budget that can support a publicist, or you simply want to do the legwork, connect with your reading public, and do your best to ensure that your wonderful work of art reaches a maximum audience, then this book is really the self-promoter’s bible. You don’t have to read it cover to cover, although it’s certainly accessible and enjoyable enough to do so. The book is well-referenced and perfectly designed to enable the frugal author to dip in once a week and pull out a new publicity idea to try, or to use as a reference when it’s time to pull together a marketing plan for your book, or at that moment when you need to write a press-release and want a template and guide, when you’re looking for ideas to maximise your book signing. Whatever kind of promotions you want to do for your book, you’re sure to find it in The Frugal Book Promoter. Howard-Johnson makes it all sound simple, and provides such easy instructions, that you’ll want to go out straightaway and get to it. Put simply, The Frugal Book Promoter is the best guide around for create interesting, fresh, inexpensive, and relatively easy promotion for your book, whatever the genre.Magdalena Ball is the author of and Sleep Before Evening

  3. Nancy Famolari

    A Smorgasbord of Options for Promoting Your Book The Frugal Book Promoter answers the question that most of us ask after writing a book. How do I get readers? The question is particularly important for self-published authors and authors who have little to spend to help their publisher promote their book. The book publishing industry looks particularly daunting when you’re trying to break in. So many authors, so many books, what can I do to get noticed?Carolyn Howard-Johnson gives excellent advice on this dilemma. It feel like you have a knowledgeable consultant sitting in the room with you. The book is filled with classic techniques, such as writing releases, query letters, obtaining interviews, and much more. My favorites, however, are the chapters on the new techniques: blogging, using social media, taking advantage of the tools offered by Amazon, and your web page.My favorite chapter is on why writers worry. Writers worry about many things including plagiarism, pirating of ebooks, being sued, and the big one: success or rejection. I think that once an author gets by these hurdles the rest becomes, if not easy, at least a mountain it’s possible to scale.I highly recommend this book. If you’ve written a book, it’s got wonderful suggestions on what to do next. If you’re afraid to let your book see the light of day, Carolyn’s discussion of worries will make you less afraid. In the long run, this book will save you money and sleepless nights.

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