The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing

The guide for marketing a small business on Facebook

The number one social networking site offers the opportunity to reach more than 350 million registered users with your advertising message. Owners of small and local businesses will benefit from these tips and best practices provided by Facebook insiders. Learn new ways to attract customers, create a business profile, and take advantage of Facebook’s many marketing features.

  • With more than 350 million registered users, Facebook opens a worldwide forum for small businesses that were once dependent on local traffic alone
  • This guide to small business marketing on Facebook, is packed with information from Facebook’s staff
  • Guides you through creating a profile for your business, taking advantage of Facebook’s unique marketing features, following best practices, and getting the best return on your investment
  • Packed with insider tips and creative marketing ideas

If you have a small or local business, you can’t go wrong with the marketing advice in The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing.

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3 Responses to The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing

  1. Ivana S. Taylor "Ivana Taylor"

    Putting of Using Facebook for Your Business — This will Get You Going I know what you’re thinking — another book about Facebook for small business! How is this one different, is it going to be worth getting yet, another book? I can’t answer those questions for you — but as the publisher of and the book editor for Small Business Trends, I can give you the low down on it. But first, I do want to say that I know Ramon Ray, consider him a small business technical expert and a friend. I’m going to do my very best to tell it like it is in this review — you just need to know that little tidbit.On to the book. So with all the Facebook for business books out there, why read this one?My personal/professional opinion is that it’s more focused on getting into the DOING and the USING Facebook than some others I have read. The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing is completely focused on exactly what it says — “Small Business Marketing” — it’s written primarily for the beginner. You know who you are; you run a small business, you’re on Facebook, you’ve heard people (other small business owners) talk about how useful it is, you’ve read books about it — but you HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING.This just might be the book to get you off your bum and using facebook to get and keep more customers — and, of course, make more money — let’s take a tour and see what’s inside:Chapter 1 – Learning Facebook Basics – Ramon doesn’t spend a lot of time here. He just tells you what you need to know – what’s facebook, why people use it and why you should do.Chapter 2 – Designing a business Page — Don’t you just love that? Bam — we are into action here. I especially like that he gives you the explanation of the difference between Facebook Business Pages and a traditional web site — there are pluses and minuses – read them carefully. But then don’t let that stop you – just follow his directions and design your business page — it’s easy. You’ll have it done in less than an hour.Chapter 3 – Now that you’ve got your page – you’ve got to drive people (your customers) there. Ramon gives you lots of ideas and if you don’t use them – well it’s no wonder it isn’t working.Chapter 4 – Making Money of Facebook – BAM BAM – that is what I’m talking about — we are into leveraging the actions we’ve learned into something that will make us money. Again – Ramon gives several ideas that you can try. I would urge you to NOT just discount them and say they aren’t good for you. Really try them. Ramon knows what he’s talking about. It may not work – but not because you have’t tried.Chapter 5 – Boosting Your Website with Facebook – Again – lots of ideas that you can use to drive people from Facebook to your website — where you own them.Chapter 6 – Creating Facebook Events – this is an important skill and it will drive people to your site and storeChapter 7 – Generating Local Store Front Traffic – This is another terrific chapter that is just for store fronts.Chapter 8 – Catching Media Attention – Did you know you could do research with Facebook? And so many other things. Ramon outlines some case studies and specific strategies that will help you get media attention.Chapter 9 – Leveraging Facebook as a Platform – This is a more advanced chapter meant to take you to the next level and help you get the most out of this free social engagement tool.Chapter 10 – Creating and Using Facebook Apps – This is another advanced chapter that will help you build engagement and audience. You may never have considered creating an app, but after reading this you might.Like I said before — this is an ideal book for a small business who has been looking at Facebook longingly from afar. If you find yourself having been stopped before finishing your Facebook strategy, this could be the book for you. I’d say decide to sit down with this book for at least an our or two a day and just do what’s in there. At the end you’ll be proud of yourself and you just may have generated more customers, more money and more growth for your business.

  2. 6 Things I LOVE About This Book 1. Real life stories of real businesses making real money from Facebook2. A combination of technical and marketing in one place3. My favorite chapter: Advertising on FB…I was never 100% sure how it all worked until I read Ramon’s explanation. Now it’s clear.4. Other expert insights. No offense on Ramon, but it’s helpful to read Cheryl and Janet’s advice for getting media attention. They’re PR professionals.5. Lots of graphics, lots of pictures. Makes things easy to understand for an average brain like mine.6. I could read this book without actually having to be on Facebook so none of my high school friends could annoy me with their invitations to play Mafia Wars.

  3. Shashib "Shashi Bellamkonda"

    Businesses on Facebook : Are they eavesdropping or providing value? Read this book to get the answer, I have known the author Ramon Ray for his role as Small Business Technology evangelist and editor at SmallBizTechnology,com. When Ramon Ray mentioned to me he was considering writing this book, I was thrilled, Facebook is so fun and conversational to use a simple user but can be overwhelming for a small business who are already juggling several tasks in their business. Ramon;s book can be read as a quick ‘tell me more” book for small and medium sized businesses who want to decide if they should start engaging or businesses who have started their Facebook presence and are dead in the water without any “friends” or “likes”.The book is simple to read and gives you practical tips and tactics all small business owners can add to their marketing plans and use to engage their customers who are spending more time on Facebook anyway. How did you find Ramon;s book?

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