The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service

The former EVP of Walt Disney World shares indispensible Rules for serving customers with consistency, efficiency, creativity, sincerity, and excellence. Lee Cockerell knows that success in business – any business – depends upon winning and keeping customers.

In 39 digestible, bite-sized chapters, Lee shares everything he has learned in his 40+ year career in the hospitality industry about creating an environment that keeps customers coming back for more. Here, Lee not only shows why the customer always rules, but also the Rules for serving customers so well they’ll never want to do business with anyone but you. For example:

Rule #1: Customer Service Is Not a Department
Rule #3: Great Service Follows the Laws of Gravity
Rule #5: Ask Yourself “What Would Mom Do?”
Rule #19: Be a Copycat
Rule #25. Treat Every Customer like a Regular
Rule #39: Don’t Try Too Hard

As simple as they are profound, these principles have been shown to work in companies as large as Disney and as small as a local coffee shop; from businesses selling cutting-edge technologies like computer tablets to those selling products as timeless as shoes and handbags; at corporations as long-standing as Ford Motors and those as nascent as a brand new start-up.  And they have been proven indispensible at all levels of a company, from managers responsible for hiring and training employees, setting policies and procedures, and shaping the company culture to front line staff who deal directly with clients and customers

Chock-full of universal advice, applicable online and off, The Customer Rules is the essential handbook for service excellence everywhere.

From the Hardcover edition.

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3 Responses to The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service

  1. Good read for those on both sides of the desk As a former “customer service representative”, I found this book very useful, both for those who provide services and those who are the recipients. I found the rules applicable to any industry. It all boils down to being nice and treating others as you’d like to be treated. Choose to take your business to those companies who are flexible and empower their employees. My favorite parts of the book were the personal experiences that Mr. Cockerell shared such as when a waiter brought over a blanket and pillow for a young child who was having trouble staying awake throughout dinner and when he kept a man from throwing a tantrum by giving him a pointy Happy New Year’s hat to wear because no one can throw a tantrum while wearing a funny hat (he also addressed the problem that the customer was angry about). I feel as if this book will make me aware of how to be a better customer as well as how to provide better service to others in the future.

  2. Michael Taylor "Michael Taylor"

    The Customer Rules “The Customer Rules” by Lee Cockerell, a former VP with Walt Disney World, is a timely read for anyone in sales, customer service, or other capacity that requires interaction with customers. Having worked mainly in sales the past several years, I have worked for organizations that valued customers and have unfortunately worked for companies that only cared about making a buck instead of the customer/potential customer.The book is around 180 pages and contains 39 chapters of around 3-5 pages each. Several topics are addressed, some of my favorites including:1. Instead of having a customer service department, every employee from the boss down, needs to practice excellent customer service.2. Maintain a professional appearance – like it or not, people will judge us by our professionalism or lack of.3. Hiring the right people – attitude is usually more important than knowledge (you can always train employees, but attitude is a different issue!).4. Treating your customers the same way you would like your loved ones to be treated.5. While being different or unique is okay, don’t be afraid to copy things that competitors or organizations in other industries are doing that work.6. Be considerate of the language you use around customers – a few select words can either drive customers away or make them want to come back.7. Instead of arguing, try to work with the customer as much as possible about a disagreement, perceived lack of service, or some other perceived slight.The book may be completed in a few sittings and would be a good title for anyone dealing with customers in whatever capacity they may be in. While organizations need to have the kind of integrity to treat customers well at all times, these economic times demand we be even more sensitive to and working with customers as much as possible, lest they decide to go elsewhere.Recommended.

  3. Sharon Michaels "SharonMichaels"

    Valuable Customer Service Pearls of Wisdom If you could learn the secrets for delivering sensational customer service from a former executive vice president of operations at Walt Disney World, would you make the time to read his book? If the answer is “yes,” then you’ll want to read David Cackerell’s new book, The Customer Rules.In The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service you will find the chapters to be short and practical. The information is important and significant. The customer service concepts can make you money and provide you with loyal customers.This is an easy to read and thoughtfully written book. The author shares great examples based on his forty-plus-year career in the hospitality industry – Walt Disney World, Hilton Hotels and Marriott.Let me give you a few examples of the “39 Essential Rules”:Rule #5 – Ask Yourself, “What Would Mom Do?”"Never ask for something without saying `please’ or receive something from another person without saying `thank you’.”Rule #17 – Listen Up”Like all of us, your customers want to be understood. But emotionally, what’s even more important is that they feel you want to understand them and you’re genuinely trying to grasp what they want, need, think and feel.”Rule #28 – Know the Difference Between Needs and Wants”What do you expect when you come to Walt Disney World? Their top four wants were these: Make us feel special. Treat us as individuals. Show respect to us. Be knowledgeable.”These three examples should give you a good idea about the practical material David Cockerell covers – material you can begin using in your business immediately. It sounds cliché to say that this book is filled with valuable “pearls of wisdom” but honestly, this book is filled with valuable “pearls of wisdom.”I highly recommend The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service, to everyone who works with the public. It may be well worth your effort to make this book a company-wide customer service read!

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