The Book Selling Strategy That Works: The book marketing and promotion methods that got me better results – These methods sell more books than any others … (How to Write a Book and Sell It Series 9)

Fed up with getting poor book sales? Find out what works.

This is really eye opening. Out of everything I’ve tried, these are the methods I’ve found to give me the best results.

I got a lot of sales in the beginning. However, after certain Amazon changes, results had slowed. I guess you have noticed the same.

After a lot of learning and testing, I made some discoveries that have given really startling results.

I now get good sales results again. Although I am yet to apply these discoveries to all my books, the few I have applied this to are doing a lot better. The one where I have applied everything to consistently remains within the top best-sellers of its category.

You need all the ingredients to make this work. You will need to have a product that gets the sale and effective methods of getting a consistent large crowd of eyeballs.

You will learn what really does make a book sell itself and the most effective ways to get buyers.

You will discover…

The way to make your book the one that readers choose.

The very best sources of book content.

The very effective formula and models that create book titles proven to get the most sales.

The type of cover that sells the best.

My proven three step formula that creates book descriptions that have given me the best results.

The special extras that have always created a spike in book sales.

The best way of all to choose the right categories that get your book seen.

The net that massively improves your exposure.

Much better results from free promotions using a two step method I discovered by accident.

The irresistible sentence that really does boost book sales.

The way to work with authors that has really made a big difference to sales.

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