Teen Love or Less: Social Networking and Real Dating Game

Product Features

  • Completely FREE
  • No email address required
  • Fun and casual environment
  • Remain anonymous
  • Social networking
  • Find love or just flirt
  • Quick & simple registration

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3 Responses to Teen Love or Less: Social Networking and Real Dating Game

  1. the best I love it it is out standing I met my girl friend on here its the funest thing now weee

  2. Awesome. I love this app its really great but it has a few problems. 1 it wont send me a confirmation email. 2 every time my Internet (being stupid) stops working for a second, it kicks me completely out. 3 chat wont work most of the time. 4 time to answer is short, but that’s ok. I have a kindle fire though so I dont know how it would work for android.

  3. Kindle Fire Fail...

    Kindle Fire Fail I have the other version of this app and it works fine. I got this one to see if more people use it but basic features such as answering questions and answering get you an error screen. not working on my kindle fire.

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