Sync & Charge USB Cable for Barnes & Noble Nook (Black)

Use an extra Barnes & Noble Nook USB Cable for charging and syncing your Barnes & Noble Nook with your Mac or PC. Save yourself the hassle of carrying all the bulky cables to support your Barnes & Noble Nook. Barnes & Noble Nook USB cable makes it simple and convenient to travel with its dual sync and charge functionality. NOTE: INCOMPATIBLE WITH NOOK COLOR

Product Features

  • Uses USB connection for power source.
  • 1 Sync-Charger for 2 functions, save space for your home and office.
  • No need to bring AC Adapter and cradle during travel.
  • Light Weight, compact, stylish, convenience
  • Cable extends to a maximum length of 40″

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3 Responses to Sync & Charge USB Cable for Barnes & Noble Nook (Black)

  1. Anastasia Guardado

    Arrived broken, not worth returning. This cable was DOA. I tried with a couple devices and had the same result. It consistently connects than immediately disconnects and does not allow the NC to charge or sync data to a PC/MAC. This seller does not give replacements and due to the cost of shipping, it’s not worth it to return this for a refund. Save your money, this cable is complete garbage. Look elsewhere, or just buy a NookColor/B&N branded charger cable, it’s worth the cost.

  2. Does not charge the nook color properly!!!!!! This is not the correct charger for the Nook Color! It did not charge my nook right.. Unfortunately the only charger that will work is a barnes & noble charger! Thank god I was still under warranty. All I had to do was call Barnes & Noble and they sent me a new one for free!

  3. USB Cable for Nook = NOT a NOOK specific usb cable Got this and as other reviewers noted it’s extremely short. I could live with that. What I don’t like is the fact that this cable appears to be exactly the same as any other regular micro USB cable and NOT the B&N Nook specific one. The B&N Nook USB cable has a longer tip and extra pins that enable the Nook to charge quicker. The name on this cable is misleading. Sure it’s a USB cable and will fit a Nook, but it is NOT a NOOK USB cable. I guess the old adage you get what you pay for holds. If you want the real deal get the B&N one. I’d send it back, it’s just not worth the postage.

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