#Social Survival Manifesto

An ‘in your face’ wake-up call endorsed by global leaders in PR, Corporate Affairs and Crisis Communications, the #Social Survival Manifesto draws from my past experiences as a digital activist to outline the tactical vulnerabilities that corporations expose when they do social media poorly or not at all.

Many books have been written on the wonders of social media for marketing, HR and customer service. This is not one of them. This free eBook is for the companies and institutions that are concerned about the reputation risks of a networked society. The #Social Survival Manifesto is an ex-activist’s tell-all guide to what makes companies and institutions vulnerable to online reputation attacks.

Presented within are five Principles of Survival and five Principles of Success designed to help companies and institutions mitigate risk, avoid crisis and winning back the hearts and minds of their stakeholders.

Thought leaders writing in support of Manifesto principles are: Christophe Ginisty, President of the International Public Relations Association, Helio Fred Garcia author of The Power of Communication and Ferg Devins Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Molson Coors Canada.

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