Social Network Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

In the thoroughly updated edition of Social Network Analysis, authors David Knoke and Song Yang take into account the vast number of changes in the field that have occurred in the 25 years since the first edition was published. They cover various issues in basic network concepts, data collection, and network analytical methodology. They succinctly illustrate the concepts and methods related to substantive social network research problems, citing examples ranging from children’s play groups to organizations, communities, and international systems. Readers can also analyze the real and artificial datasets incorporated throughout the book.

Key Features of the Second Edition

· Expands on the previous edition by incorporating new basic social network developments

· Provides a general overview of fundamental theoretical and methodological topics

· Clearly presents concepts by using concise language and avoiding technical complexities

Intended Audience

The text’s informal approach will appeal to both students and professionals in the humanities and social sciences.

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Product Features

  • Size : 21.09 x 13.97 x 1.02 cm

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One Response to Social Network Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences)

  1. W. Clifton Baldwin

    Great overview of SNA A very good beginning text that presents an overview of social network analysis (SNA). It is an easy read that will allow one to understand the basics of SNA, including an overview of the mathematical elements. Also it has a nice reference list for the reader who desires a deeper understanding.

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