Social Media Marketing for Publishers

Marketing your books or publishing brand through social media needn’t be confusing! This eBook is the essential Publisher’s Handbook to all social media activities that you need to know about. Social media marketing expert Liz Murray guides you through a series of social media topics by making the subject matter easy to understand, engaging and personal. You’ll learn the same methods that she has used working with well known publishing brands. Key areas covered include social media planning, websites and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, other social media marketing sites, measuring ROI and social media tools. The book is aimed at those who want to gain a low level understanding of all areas of social media rather than extensive knowledge about one area. It’s the perfect go to handbook, there when you need to refer to it.

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One Response to Social Media Marketing for Publishers

  1. Useful information inside I have found most of this book very informative and straight to the point with small exceptions,like when the author insists a little bit too much on keyword stuffing and other SEO tactics which in my oppinion have very little to do with social marketing and publishing.Otherwise a well structured plan on using a blog,Facebook and Twitter to boost your publishing marketing efforts along with detailed information on each of them.Very good for the begginners or the people less tech savy but there are enough gems for the more experienced ones too.

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