Smart Marketers Go Where the Action Is Now: the Middle East

Marketers complain about saturated markets, stagnant growth, and economic downturns. Smart marketers look for where action is currently—or where it is about to be.

Those who spot trends early and get in on the ground floor do well in any economic conditions. There is always money, or about to be money, somewhere. Right now the technology and Internet market is beginning to boom in the Middle East.

Political events in the last year or so have highlighted the market penetration of technology and social media in the Arab world. Smart phones are common, and the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is widespread and growing.

People who have been oppressed for centuries are embracing 21st century technology in a big way, and their use of technology is deeply intertwined with their aspirations for democracy and economic growth and fairness.

There are over 30 million social media users in the Arab world; 15 million are on Facebook. And those numbers are growing every day.

Did you know that there are 5.5 million Twitter users in the Arab world? Twitter users in Saudi Arabia, for example, grew by 240% last year.

Internet marketing and search engine marketing in the Middle East are becoming quite sophisticated, and local technology and marketing experts offer services to ease the way for foreign companies to spread their messages to this growing market.

This is the place smart marketers should be watching right now and moving forward. Otherwise you could miss out on some of the most exciting marketing opportunities of our time.


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