Self-Running Videos That You Can’t Turn Off Abuse Customers

Self-running Videos on websites, that visitors can’t turn off, are customer abuse. If you put one on your website, you guarantee that I will not buy what you’re selling. Here’s why.

Self-running demos are rude. I’ve written about them before. I hate them.

Self-running demos are counterproductive for marketers, because people who go to your site from their office must usually turn them off or close the site immediately. If they’re like me, and they have to close the site, they will not go back. You’ve lost them.

But the videos that the site visitor cannot turn off are truly abusive. They violate the rights of the site visitor and say, “I’m more important than you, and I don’t care what you want.

Besides being sociopathic and sick, that attitude does not bode well for support—or even for honesty and fairness. Anyone who tries to cram their offer down my throat probably doesn’t have a very good offer.

And as for pages that are all video, with little or no text, forget about it! If you won’t put your offer in writing, it’s probably a scam. So far, my experience has born that out. I’m not continuing the experiment.

So, marketers, suit yourself. Keep abusing customers and turning them off. Because that just leaves more for the rest of us, who treat them right.

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