Seesmic (Twitter, Facebook)

Product Features

  • Get full access to Facebook, including managing your account and posting to Facebook
  • Explore and save Twitter searches and trending topics and manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Share photos and videos with your friends using popular channels including YouTube and TwitPic
  • Post your status updates to multiple accounts at once

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3 Responses to Seesmic (Twitter, Facebook)

  1. Best Social Media App for the Kindle Fire (for now) This a good stop gap for the Fire until we get the real Facebook and Twitter apps. The best feature is that ability to do multiple account posts.My biggest complaint is the fact that it doesn’t recognize your Facebook settings and show you all the things you’ve blocked.

  2. pretty good seesmic is an okay app. the interface is kind of small and isn’t the best to use. also, it would be nice if you could change the color at the top of the page. thanks.

  3. good app needs a twerk or 2 pretty good app, only use for twitter. needs a jump to top button and a save search option and ability to view lists without viewing profile

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