Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords Guides)

The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success reveals the best practices of the most commercially successful self-published ebook authors. This ebook is a must-read for every writer, author, publisher and literary agent. Learn 28 best-practices you can implement today at no cost. These secrets will help you become a more professional, more successful writer and publisher. Share the secrets!

Topics covered include:

* The qualities of a great ebook cover
* How to pinch pennies and maximize profitability
* How metadata works, and how to use it to increase title visibility
* How to build reader trust and author brand
* Time management
* The importance of distribution
* How to use FREE as a powerful platform-building and marketing tool
* The importance of ebook retailer algorithms
* How ebook sales develop over time (ebooks are immortal, they don’t go out of print!)
* How to maximize viral word of mouth with viral catalysts
* How to maximize the discoverability of your ebook
* And much more…

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3 Responses to Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords Guides)

  1. Good for Beginning Writers While I already knew most of the points in this book, it’s still a good read for self-published writers. It is especially good for writers just starting off as it dispels some myths about self-publishing.If there are two things to learn from this books, they are:1.) Write the best book you can2.) Self-publish on as many platforms as possible

  2. Bruce E Arrington

    Right on target This is well-written advice for the novice and seasoned writer. I appreciated the charts that described the book selling cycles and how they can work for the author. As a result, it changed how I view pulling my books off the market!The future of self publishing authors is a bright one. This book helped me to see that.

  3. Mimi Barbour "Mimi"

    A one-stop shop! After attending Mark’s workshop at the RWA National Convention, I decided to read this book and learn even more about E-Book Publishing. I’m really glad I did, because I’ve picked up on some great suggestions to make things a whole lot easier. Let’s face it, for many of us there’s so much to learn that it’s overwhelming. For an author who’s been in the game for a while, it’s a good way to reinforce already learned secrets. But for the newbie writer, this book is a one-stop shop!An important point Mr. Coker made time and time again – so I want to reiterate – selling e-books won’t happen overnight. It’s takes time to build your career. But on the virtual bookshelves today, we really do have the time.

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