Retro Camera

Product Features

  • Five old-school cameras with vintage vignetting, film scratch and cross-processing effects
  • High-resolution, focus, and flash options for better quality pictures
  • Self-timer for capturing images with no human assistance necessary
  • Geotagging marks pictures with GPS location where they were taken
  • In-app photo sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail

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3 Responses to Retro Camera

  1. Nicholas de Leeuw

    the crop factor is too much This is a fun little app, but it’s usefulness is very limited. The choices of retro cameras are cool, and I like the square format. The problem is that the app only uses a tiny square from my phone’s camera image. This makes the wide/normal lens on the camera behave like a long telephoto lens, but with reduced quality. For the kind of cameras this emulates, a wide/normal lens would have been just right. This is kind of like shooting a brownie camera with a mediocre telescope stuck in front of the lens.

  2. M. Stockslager "neon tiger"

    This is one of two essential photography apps I used Retro Camera exclusively for a couple months, until I discovered Vignette. I use Vignette a lot now, but I still like to have Retro Cam to come back to if need be. It’s a must-have for the awesome Polaroid setting, and it can be moved to the SD card.

  3. Lots of fun and rather addictive! This is such an enjoyable app for an android phone. It provides fun retro variety and spices up photos to post on Facebook or other social networking sites. I use it so much my friends indulge me and just say “Oh, here she goes with her camera app again.” Yet, you won’t hear them grumble about the fun photos they then have to use for their profile pix!I’d give it 5 stars if you could use the flash with it and be able to zoom in and out. Otherwise, wonderful app and I don’t leave home without it!

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