Protecting Your Company’s Reputation? Hire a Professional Search Engine Marketing Company

Professional marketers know that the field of marketing and the supporting marketing services require a team of professionals in a number of disciplines. Computers and the web have made that even more true.

Unfortunately software companies often sell their products as if the software does all the work, and the user does not need to have a professional background in the field to know what to do with it. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We are often told that we, or any flunky of our choice, can now easily and quickly  (and perhaps better) do specialized tasks requiring years of education, training and experience at just the flick of a button. That is so wrong.

The current marketing buzzword is social media optimization, shaping and controlling a company’s online reputation by managing social media. And once again, it is often treated as a technical task that can be handled by anyone.

Well, sure, anyone can set up social media accounts and make some posts. The technology is quite user friendly. The posts can even be scheduled and posted automatically over time.

But exactly what to post, how often, and how to respond to negative posts about the company by the public are quite something else again. Social media optimization is not a technical task. It is public relations.

And there are plenty of large corporations who do not do a good job of public relations, who think anyone can do it, who issue press releases like pronouncements from on high. They do a poor job of PR, relying instead on their position as a major advertiser, employer and stock issuer to assure coverage and suppress criticism.

Do you think a company like that will do a good job of social media optimization? Or even try? Often they do try, and they fail miserably. But at least some of them do get the message and hire a professional search engine marketing firm to manage social media for them. Problem solved.

Social media management is very important nowadays, as more and more companies are discovering to their chagrin. If your company ignores social media or does social media poorly, and your competitor hires search engine marketing experts, you can lose major market share and reputation in a fairly short time.

So get the message and act accordingly. The public has always been talking about you. Now a negative meme can spread like wildfire if left unchecked.

You need a specialized team to manage social media. And not just anyone can do it well.

Hire experts to protect your company’s online reputation—and your own. One day you will be glad you did—or you may be very, very sorry if you didn’t.

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