Promo 3.0: Why Creatives are Failing at Promoting their Art, and How to Attract Buyers and Fans in a Modern World.

“A Masterpiece!” Staci Barron // “5 Stars do not do it justice!” ‘Dylan’ // “Encouraging and practical” J Cleveland

“A simple and easy to follow starting point for creatives trying to stand out in a noisy world.”

Bernadette Jiwa, Author of Bestseller ‘Make Your Idea Matter’, and Winner of Best Australian Business Blog 2012

From Google illustrator, author and editor behind the popular ‘Red Lemon Club‘, an online resource for creative professionals, Alex Mathers has written ‘Promo 3.0′ with the express aim of shifting the attitude people have towards self promotion in the modern age.

The way in which we generate exposure to our work is shifting, dramatically.

Attracting buyers to our work as creatives and business people feels like an uphill battle. Most of the time, this is because we are doing things the way it was many years ago, and actually pushing prospects and people away.

Promo 3.0‘ describes what we are doing wrong, what has changed, and exactly what to do to win this game the new way. You can bring buyers to you and your work in a way that respects others, builds friendships and just feels right.

In this simple-to-follow book you will learn the why, who, what, when and how? of promoting your creations the effective way. Areas touched on include:

  • What we are doing wrong and how things have changed
  • The importance of having goals and a purpose
  • The often overlooked importance of understanding your buyers
  • How your product and service is part of your marketing strategy
  • How to time your connection-building approach
  • Closer look at exactly how to go about bringing people to your creations.
This is a short book, containing about 70 pages of no-nonsense information.

Who is the book for?

Promo 3.0‘ has been written for anyone in the creative professions from illustrators to sculptors, who have something to bring to the world.

The book is also hugely valuable to small businesses and entrepreneurs in any industry, and anyone with something worth sharing.

Get the clients and customers you want and deserve. Download the book right now!

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