Principles of Marketing (13th Edition)

Today’s marketing challenge is creating vibrant, interactive communities of consumers who make products and brands a part of their daily lives. Learn how to create value and gain loyal customers. Kotler/Armstrong is a comprehensive, classic principles text organized around an innovative customer-value framework. Students learn how to create customer value, target the correct market, and build customer relationships. The changing nature of consumer expectations means that marketers must learn how to build communities in addition to brand loyalty. The thirteenth edition of Kotler/Armstrong has been fully updated and redesigned to make the book easier to use. Chapters now contain opening vignettes and accompanying outlines to help students study.
Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process; Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers; Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix; Extending Marketing–global marketing, ethics, competitive advantage
  Today’s marketers need to make use of all the latest technologies in order to find and capture their market. By creating customer value and building an interactive community, they can develop lasting and profitable relationships with consumers.

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3 Responses to Principles of Marketing (13th Edition)

  1. Not a complete book in my opinion I think it does a decent job on providing the basic information and is fairly easy to read. The test questions seriously need to be revamped. There really is no critical thinking, it is just regurgitation of what the book believes. To pass the tests, you NEED to either memorize the chapter word for word or buy all of the extra materials at [...] and take all of the extra practice tests and memorize them. I don’t feel this was an accident and was done to induce more sales of add-on materials.

  2. Great choice This book was a great choice. I have a Principles of Marketing course at my company and this cover all the course requirements. I previously read this book but like 10 editions back and I found very new interesting information but the foundation is the same. Amazon responded very quick to my buy, I tried to get ot cheaper from other buyer at Amazon but some days later they responded that they did not have it.

  3. Book quality is excellent. At 150$ I had expected the book will come with an E-Code for using E-book; but that’s not the case. I have given only 3 Stars for this reason. In today’s age spending 150$ just for a hardcopy is over-value.

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