Pinterest for Beginners: Pinterest for Fun and Profit

Insider Secrets to Using Pinterest They Don’t Want You to Know About


Get A Leg Up On Your Competition Just By
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You already know that Social Media and WEB 2.0 are HOT HOT HOT. So if you feel like you missed the boat you still have another chance To Make It BIG.

Pinterest is the new Social Networking and is now one of the top 15 websites in the US.

•One of the fastest growing social media sites in the world, everyone is jumping on the Pinterest and loving every minute of it

•Inside You’ll discover Unique selling strategies allowing you to dominate any market
•Find out how by using Pinterest you can leverage Facebook and Twitter

•Internet marketing experts are just beginning to tap into and discover the awesome power of Pinterest marketing

•Discover Unknown selling strategies on Pinterest

From The Authors Desk RE: Using Pinterest

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever tried making money on Social Media sites, you’ll know how frustratingly difficult it can be.

But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that!

Like you, I used to struggle monetizing social media networking sites! And the complexities of what to say and how to do it really frustrated me…

I used to sit down at my computer and pull my hair out for hours.

But that all changed when I worked out — through exhaustive research and testing – this guide to Pinterest really works!

You can be assured that you are making the right choice ordering this book. Online marketers are just learning how to leverage from this huge traffic.

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3 Responses to Pinterest for Beginners: Pinterest for Fun and Profit

  1. Very Helpful Guide If your friends keep telling you about Pinterest and are computer illiterate like myself then you have found the book you need.The book takes you through everything about Pinterest step-by-step. It covers getting started, the basics, copyright issues, Pinterest apps, and has an interesting section on marketing on Pinterest. It has a great table of contents that will take you directly to what ever you are having a problem with. So if you are having trouble using Pinterest and could use a little help I highly suggest you check out this book. Five stars!

  2. Chrisson "bookworm"

    Easily understood This book is truly for beginners. It has detailed instructions to help anyone set up a Pinterest account. I was even able to help a friend navigate some of the features based on what I learned in this book.

  3. claude whitacre ""Small Business Author S...

    Pinterest For Beginners indeed! This is the first book I read on Pinterest. I read the author’s other book on SEO ..SEO Ultimate Report: Search Engine Optimization for Today’s Internet & Google, and was impressed with his knowledge and ability to put lots of information in a few words.The book takes you all the way through how Pinterest works. It teaches you Sharing, Pinning, and Making Friends.You see an explaination on how to use Pinterest to make money, and the pitfalls to avoid.Joining Pinterest is by invitation only. You find out why that is a reason for their success, and how to get an invitation. You get all the sin up steps, clearly laid out for you.You also get a list of Pinterest Apps, and their applicaton.Pinterest intigrates with Twitter and Facebook, and the use of that is explained.If you are a marketer, like I am, you’ll find exactly what you need here.

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