Pinterest – Build Your Brand, Your Tribe, Your Sales (2nd Ed)

Pinterest has taken the Internet by storm. In 2012, it saw a phenomenal growth spurt as retailers, Internet marketers, authors, and major brands all realized the Power of the Pin. In fact, its quick evolution required the release of this second edition.

Pinterest – and Pinterest strategies are changing almost daily. And, along with Pinterest’s growth we’ve seen the growth of third party applications designed to help pinners pin, marketers market, and business build brands. Among those applications are

iPhone and iPad apps
WordPress plugins
Sites to analyze pin traffic
Web-based pinning services

In this manual you’ll learn

How Pinterest was born

How to get the most from Pinterest

How to run a Pinterest contest

How to save time cross-posting to Pinterest, Flickr and other social media sites using a free service

How to set up a profile that attracts followers

Ideas for marketing products

Creative ways to market a service business

How to integrate Pinterest and WordPress

How to integrate Pinterest and Instagram

How to track Pinterest traffic

The best time of day to pin

Where to find killer images

How to embed a Pinterest image into your blog

How to set up magnetic Pinterest pin boards

and more

Thank you in advance for picking up this manual and putting the techniques to work for your business. If you find tips that work for you thanks for leaving a review.

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3 Responses to Pinterest – Build Your Brand, Your Tribe, Your Sales (2nd Ed)

  1. Rhonda Grice "Kindle Author"

    Wow With This Book I Was Pinning In No Time! I had heard about Pinterest for months and was afraid to get involved. The truth is that social media was something I was fighting. Sure I have a Facebook account but that was about it. I realized that it was time to update my knowledge and marketing skills and learn some social skills. This Pinterest guide is nothing short of amazing! Not only does it explain the concept from beginning to end, the photos and links just sealed the deal for me!The thing I love about this author is that she went the extra mile and included links to word press plugins and over 19 other tools that can be used with Pinterest. I haven’t tried them all yet, but my very first day I was able to get three boards started with some pins put on them. It was lots of fun and I don’t think without this guide I would have understood how to do it. There are some guidelines on Pinterest but frankly they only scratch the bare bones of it all. All I can say is you won’t be sorry if you get this Pinterest guide. I highly recommend it!

  2. Interesting Overview of Pinterest I was lucky to get a copy of Nancy’s Pinterest book during its initial launch. To be honest, I’ve known about Pinterest for a year – But I never “got” how it can help my business. This viewpoint changed after seeing how much time my girlfriend (and her friends) spend on this social site.Nancy’s book provides an excellent starting point for anyone interested in learning how to market through Pinterest. She starts out by providing an overview of the Pinterest process. That part I already understood. The REAL value in this book comes from the section where she details 5 different case studies of businesses who use Pinterest. Like many people, I LOVE seeing real-world examples. Nancy lists each of the businesses and mentions the actions they’re taking to grow their market share through Pinterest. Great stuff there!Overall, this book provides practical, step-by-step advice on how to get started with Pinterest and use it grow your business.

  3. Books, books, and more books

    Excellent Pinterest Guide I downloaded a few books on Pinterest and this is by far the best of the bunch. Filled with solid advice and helpful techniques for success on Pinterest and for maximizing the site’s value for your business or website. I do wish that the author had addressed the copyright issue which is still a large stumbling block for me since unless you’re pinning your own images, or have gone to Creative Commons, or are pinning only from sites that include a pin-it button then you’re likely to be in violation of copyright law unless you get permission specifically. So I may still not get going on Pinterest – but if I do this ebook will be at my side. Highly recommended.

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