Pink Facebook HD

Product Features

  • Text, chat and have group conversations
  • View current news feed
  • Check your messages (works in this version)
  • Pink Facebook widget
  • Instant real time notifications

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3 Responses to Pink Facebook HD

  1. Not working Didn’t work after installed,it looked cool being pink but when u ready to share something,wouldn’t load,slow to load the news feed

  2. This is a very cute app and works very well with ny kindle fire hd ; however, if your a person that likes speed, I would not recommend this app. It’s not slow , but it is slower than the original Facebook app and takes time to load the news feed or messages. It’s a cute app and I still use it , but it’s just a little slower.

  3. It would be a very cool app if it actually worked. I have the Samsung galaxy s g3 and its not working on it. Maybe it needs an update not sure. Hopefully it will be fixed.

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