Pink Facebook

Product Features

  • View Facebook pages in bright shades of pink, with flowers
  • Do it all: Update status, read news feed, chat, review/send messages, etc
  • Upload or download pictures
  • Pink Facebook widget
  • Share status updates
  • Chat with friends
  • View current news feed
  • Check your messages

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3 Responses to Pink Facebook

  1. vmay great game lots of fun. Just like your...

    WORST APP!!!! Stay away..anything that could go wrong did..and I only kept it installed for 10 min. Plus my kindle told me it was not secure that is when I deleted right then and there!!!! Had it been more than 99 cent I would be fighting to get my money back.

  2. best for photo uploads The reason i love this app is because it allows me to choose which album to upload photos to from my phone or tablet. i have an album solely for football photos another for photos of Texas, etc. i don’t wanna upload all photos to my mobile uploads album. that feature alone makes this app my favorite.

  3. Best pink facebook I think I’ve downloaded almost every Facebook theme out there and I have to say that this application is the fastest and best looking app that I’ve found

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