Pink Cheetah Facebook

Product Features

  • Pink Cheetah Homescreen background
  • Cheetah Skin Buttons
  • Works with Phones & Tablets
  • Pink Facebook widget

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3 Responses to Pink Cheetah Facebook

  1. Dominique Miller

    Ehhh…? Well when I first got it I was like wow this is pretty… now I’m bored… yeah I had that app for like a week so I guess its okay but kind of a waste of time.

  2. Best App ever! OMG this application is so darn cute, I love it and it is very fast, works great on my kindle fire

  3. R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D Do not get this app it is so retarded! Don’t buy! Please! Thank-You! You will thank me! Make the good choice!

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