PinHog for Pinterest

PinHog for Pinterest

PinHog for Pinterest

PinHog for pinterest

  • Browse ALL categories of Pinterest easily with the channel scroll bar.
  • Get instant access to pins pre-downloaded to save you time.
  • Downloaded pins are available automatically for offline viewing.
  • Pin web pages from any app that shares web links (e.g. the Browser).
  • Pin web pages by scanning QR/BAR CODES directly from PinHog (beta)!
  • Schedule alarm to download pins at a given time (e.g. before commute).
  • Create custom channels for any keyword or user ID (via Channels view).
  • Easily repin, like and comment on any pin (Pinterest login required).
  • Share pin link or original web page to Twitter, Facebook, email, Tumblr, etc.
  • Easily browse to the original web page from the pin view window.

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3 Responses to PinHog for Pinterest

  1. very nice! I have finally been able to really get involved and enjoy Pinterest due to this app! Accessing the browser app on my kindle fire or laptop always locked up and forget about even trying on my phone…but this app is awesome.I love being able to go beyond the photos to actually read some wonderful articles without having my browser get all overloaded with link junk. Thank you SoLoMob!!

  2. I am a big pinterest fan but I felt this site is very limited. It also jams my kindle fire and it gets stuck alot.

  3. My new addiction is PINTEREST! Love being able to access on my Kindle anywhere! Even if I am not not online I can still see plenty!

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