Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, Second Edition (Perfect Phrases Series)

 THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR EVERY SITUATION . . . EVERY TIME You’ve heard it a million times: “The customer is always right.” But let‘s face it–sometimes the customer is misinformed, confused, or downright difficult. The ability to handle such customers is what separates the serious professional from the average employee.  Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, second edition, provides the language you need for everyday customer service situations–and includes simple, effective techniques that can help you meet even the most demanding customer needs. Master the most effective words and phrases for:  Defusing bad situations before they get worse Handling complaints patiently and professionally Satisfying customers and increasing sales Building long-term relationships with important customers

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3 Responses to Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, Second Edition (Perfect Phrases Series)

  1. A must buy for anyone in retail! I work in retail and I deal with upset and stressed out customers on a nearly daily basis. This book is a lifesaver. It gives to the point advice about how to deal with a wide variety of possible problems that come up in customer interactions and help you take control over the situation. The title really doesn’t do it justice. It doesn’t speak to the breadth of information the book contains. I highly recommend it and for under $10 it will repay you in a less stressful work environment.

  2. I will be recommending this book to my customer service students. This book has the tools you need and then senarious with how they can be put into good use. i am very happy i have found this book.

  3. This book is really great in the way that it offers examples, situations, and phrasing for different customer issues. The book is lays out many areas that can assist almost anyone in helping to understand and issue, resolve it, and offer a solution.

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