Product Features

  • Instant, streaming access to your favorite music on the go
  • Easy-to-use user interface includes access to artist bios
  • Skip, rate, and bookmark songs
  • Create new stations directly from your smartphone
  • Access and manage your personalized stations online

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3 Responses to Pandora

  1. R. Toro "Tech Junkie"

    Free Music! If you are familiar with Pandora, then I can tell you that this app is a good version of the web based Pandora for your phone.Pandora allows you to listen to music for free – however, you cannot choose the specific song that you listen to. It works by asking you to specify either songs or artists that you like. Then, it creates a custom radio station tailored to those preferences. It learns your tastes when you vote on songs by indicating either a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.” From those indications, the stations becomes more closely tailored to your preference.You can have multiple radio stations, and you are allowed to skip several songs per hour (although it is not unlimited).However, after you use up all of your skips, you can just change to a different station, and then you get more skips for that hour. You can also upgrade to “Pandora One” for a $36 yearly fee. That gives you unlimited listening with no ads (although, in my opinion, the ads in the free version are not too frequent or intrusive).This is a good app and service for someone that has specific tastes in music, and is happy listening to a random selection of songs similar to those interests. If you are looking for something that allows you to pick the exact song you want to listen to, then this is not the app for you.

  2. W. D. Turner "D&KT"

    love it! I keep this playing most of the time! while I cook, play games, search, or whatever! I can listen to whatever style of music that matches my mood.

  3. music nirvana music lovers will love this. personalized radio. works really nicely on the kindle too. can access stations you make on other devices too…like your web browser or phone

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