NOOK HD 7″ 8GB Tablet

The Nook HD Tablet has an amazing combination of style and functionality. With this tablet you can take your entertainment wherever you go. It’s size and design make it easy to hold with one hand and fits perfectly in any purse or bag. It allows you to read books and novels, watch movies and stream live events, play music and much more! It’s equipped with a 7″ touchscreen that offers smooth navigation and stunning visuals. This tablet has 8GB of space so you can save all your important documents and media files. The MicrOSD card slot lets you expand the storage capacity up to 32GB. Plus, its built-in Wi-Fi ensures you get seamless Internet connection. Get your NOOK HD Tablet today!

Product Features

  • Case and Charger Included
  • Never Used

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3 Responses to NOOK HD 7″ 8GB Tablet

  1. Petiteface "gadget lover"

    Best performance and unbeatable value in 7inch tablet I recently bought the nook HD white for 129 greenbacks from BN. I had originally purchased a Kindle Fire HD. The Nook is lighter and the screen is brighter/sharper than the Kindle Fire. With the recent update to allow the full version of Google Play, a lot of the original limitations with the Nook have gone away. The chrome browser beats Silk all the way. You can actually download the Kindle App from the Google appstore and read all the books. However, you cannot install the amazon appstore and I had to buy some of the apps from Google play that I had originally purchased. There are no ads with the nook. Even with the Fathers day sale (which put the Kindle no-ad version at 195), this is cheaper by 65 bucks. An additional benefit is you can add an external SD card and there are options to boot a full blown standard Android Jellybean from the SD card with the nook from places like (AFN – android for nook for just 10 bucks).The two main downsides are that it lacks a front facing camera, but I really have no use for that and the parental controls are not that easy to set as in the Kindle (you can create a child profile and make sure that the password has to be entered, but I have not fully figured it out).I liked it so much that I bought a second nook in smoke color today.

  2. Laurie This item came the next day, which I was very happy with. It is working great, and we are very happy with it.

  3. R. Pogorek "Rob Pogorek"

    Good value IF you have reasonable expectations I’ve been using the Nook HD (7″) 8GB tablet for a couple of weeks now and I have some observations to share:1. If you think you are getting the same type of speedy 7″ tablet as a Nexus 7 (especially the 2013 refresh), you are going to be disappointed. First off, it’s an older model. Second, it’s got different internal components, which is why you can get it for under $120. Lastly, the Nook launcher/overlay is just more of an obstacle than a help.2. It’s still a great value, IF you are planning on using it for reading, watching Netflix or Hulu, or for CONSUMING media. It’s not a creation-based device, but so few people create content, I think the market is still there for this device.3. Throw in a 16 or 32 GB microSD card and enjoy a LOT more room for your own media than what Nexus or Apple will give you in one of there devices. I went with the 8GB device and now have almost 40 with the expandable memory.4. It’s a comfortable device to use, especially if you are already on the Google ecosystem. The only app I really miss having is MLB At Bat, but if you were to root and install an alternate operating system, it might work. I can’t speak to that. I can, however, tell you Google Books, Google Music, and virtually everything else I use for apps works on this device.So, is it worth $120? Yes. Is it the fastest, shiniest, coolest Android tablet on the market? No. That one is going to cost you more than $120. Spend the money, slap some extra memory on this thing, and you really can’t go wrong.

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