NOOK 7″ 8GB WiFi Tablet

Barnes & Noble’s Fastest, Most Powerful TabletVideos stream smoothly. Web browsing is lightning-fast. Get books instantly – usually in under 10 seconds. Built for speed- switch between books, movies and games effortlessly. All it takes is a touch. The Best EntertainmentNOOK Tablet has the top names in entertainment for the TV shows & movies you love. Start the fun right away with Netflix and Hulu Plus pre-loaded to instantly watch movies & popular TV shows. Free trials included. World’s Most Advanced VividView TouchscreenStunning 7-inch multi-touch screen displays 16 million colors ultra-bright. Exclusive design for remarkable clarity and minimal reflection & glare. It’s the ultimate for reading and enjoying the best in entertainment. World’s Largest BookstoreOver 2.5 million titles – new releases, bestsellers – sample for FREE. Most $9.99 or less. Can’t decide? NOOK Daily Find brings you a great book at a great price, plus a weekly Free Fridays selection. Amazing Video ExperienceNOOK Tablet is powered to stream videos quickly and smoothly. So you can kick back and enjoy the movies and videos you love on a stunning VividView display right on your NOOK. Thousands of Must-Have AppsEnjoy the best apps. Games like Angry Birds & Scrabble. Essentials like Taptu & MyCast Weather. Favorites including Epicurious & Drawing Pad. Plus pre-loaded Sudoku, Crosswords, Chess & Pandora. Popular Magazines and NewspapersThe largest digital collection of bestselling magazines and favorite newspapers-delivered the moment they’re released. Special interactive editions w/video & other fun extras. Try any title FREE for 14 days! Favorite ComicsPopular comics including the largest collection of Marvel graphic novels with vivid colors & rich images, the action nearly jumps off the page. Your issues always in perfect condition to enjoy again and again. Email and Lightening Fast Web with Built-in Wi-FiExtra power and…

Product Features

  • HD movies, TV shows and music from the top names-Netflix, Hulu PlusTM, Pandora® & more
  • Lightning fast Email, Web & smooth streaming video , 8 GB of memory, extra-long battery life
  • World’s most advanced VividViewTM 7″ Touchscreen

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3 Responses to NOOK 7″ 8GB WiFi Tablet

  1. Alan Houston "alanhouston-texas"

    Great Color E-Reader With Extra Features The Nook tablet is a great color e-reader with the “bonus” of being able to read your email, shop on, surf the web, watch tv shows on Hulu Plus, movies on Netflix, and listen to the world’s largest selection of music on Pandora Radio. I added a 16gb sd card filled with thousands of my favorite songs. But, the Nook is designed to be an ereader…it is not a games tablet, or an IPad.I got my Nook Tablet (8gb version) from Barnes & Noble because of the extra discount I got with my B&N membership…the price was MUCH less than advertised by most internet venders. I already have a Brand X color e-reader and a Nook Simple Touch reader. My old color reader was hard on my eyes for long reading sessions, the Nook Touch is great for books, but it does not have internet access or play music and magazines don’t really work without a color screen.The Nook tablet has very sharp, clear, and contrasty fonts and is very pleasant to read, even for several hours. There is a night mode, and also a sephia mode for reading in bed without bothering anyone else. Magazines look great on its color screen. I listen to music on Pandora while I read, and when I am tired of reading, I can watch a movie on Netflix or a tv show on I installed the Dolphin browser which uses tabs so I can switch quickly among various web pages.Vevo music videos look great, but the Nook’s speaker is too weak to enjoy music. However, music sounds great through good ear buds and when I plug the Nook into my computer speakers.The Nook is an e-reader, NOT an I-Pad or high powered tablet. It does not have access to Google Play to obtain apps, so you are limited to the apps in the Nook app store. Those apps have been developed just for the Nook and its seven inch screen. The apps in Google Play are mostly designed for the smaller screens of cell phones, while Nook apps are designed just for the Nook.Bottom line: the Nook Tablet 8gb is a terrific way to read books and magazines while enjoying your favorite music (I loaded a 16gb memory card with thousands of my favorite songs…transferring the songs over to the Nook from my laptop was fast and easy).For folks who want the “full” tablet experience, sells the N2A card which enables you to boot your Nook into a full tablet mode, with access to Google Play, and the 400,000 apps available there. And, the N2A card also permits booting the Nook back into its original Nook settings, as the card does not modify any of the Nook’s software or settings.

  2. NowImMad "Jake"

    Good Hardware – terrible OS and App availability Pros:The hardware is nice, I have the 8GB – Its fast, responsive and the screen is beautiful. Great for reading books and netflix. Battery life – Read ‘Catching Fire’ and ‘Mockingjay’ on a single charge. Email and web are decent too – nothing special.Cons:The B&N Nook OS and the B&N App selection are both terrible. The Nook OS is counter-intuitive and not user friendly, there is no BACK button!? Take a toll of how often you use the BACK button on your phone or android device and you’ll realize how annoying the lack of this simple common-place feature is. You can hit the ‘N’ and go back to home any time – though often I wanted to go Back, not start over. The selection of apps in the app store are laughable. I literally could not find a single app I wanted, even searching apps that they advertise like Comics for nook (not installed? not available?). I found a few apps for $4.99+ that i have downloaded for free on Itunes and Google play (android market).Recommendation:BUY THIS – Takes the Good hardware of the Nook Tablet and replaces the useless OS with trusted Full Android. Read the reviews, they are all true! Before i bought this card, the nook was basically useless and frustrating – now I have an android tablet and since it is NOT rooted, still have warranty too, though I recommend squaretrade. Check my N2A review for more info.Update: I have had this tablet for over 6 months now and love it. I have had no issues and all my friends and family want one. Note: I use this exclusively with the N2A card in Android mode. N2A recently emailed me with the update from Gingerbread to Jellybean and its working great and their customer service is excellent. I cannot recommend this company/product enough.

  3. Dr. Elaine O. Chaika "book, movie, tech lover"

    Biggest Deal Around If you buy this from a B&N store, and are a member of B&N, you can get this for $174, which is cheaper than the 8 gig Fire. If you already are loaded with Kindle books, B&N foolishly doesn’t have a Kindle app, but you can, on Amazon or buy an n2a card which allows you to boot your Nook up as a full Android complete with access to the Android Market (or whatever Google is calling it now), and get the Kindle app to accress all your Kindle books. Since I love the design of the eReader on the Nook, I use my n2a card only when I want a Kindle book. I find the B&N Nook books are usually the same price as Kindle. Occasionally, Kindle doesn’t have a book I want but Nook does. Also, Nook may not have a book Kindle has. Also, Nook books have the page perfect series, as well as Enhanced Editions with embedded videos and audio clips, neither of which Kindle has.The Nook has a tab for “My Stuff” so you can drag things from your PC to the Nook. If you want more space for your stuff, you can get any sized san disk for the Nook. I have a 32 gb one because I transferred about 4,000 pictures to my Nook and am using an app to edit the pictures and then make slide shows of them. Then I’ll drag the shows back onto my computer and burn them to disc. Did I mention the Nook is a joy to use? I actually got thre 16gig Tablet but the 8 gig is as fast and has the 11 1/2 hour battery as well as allows the same cards to be added.

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