Marketing with Connect Plus

TEXTBOOK ONLY.Good condition!!May present minor OR HEAVY shelf wear.Great customer service!!

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3 Responses to Marketing with Connect Plus

  1. All-around bad The kindle version of this book is something that I can not recommend to anyone. Not only does it not have page numbers, but the Kindle itself is glitchy as they come. I will hit the page back area and it will send me somewhere in the middle of the book that I was nowhere near. The final straw though, is the fact that it randomly decided during class that I have this book on one to many devices. It says I have to REPURCHASE a $70 book to continue to use it. Thank you Amazon for creating the most useless advancement in technology to date. I will from here on out be using old-fashioned paper books.

  2. Geoffrey Dietrich

    Online Acces Some classes require access to the Online Learning Center for this book. It didn’t come with the hardcover one I purchased through Amazon. Instead, I had to buy it for $15 through publisher McGraw-Hill. (Still better deal than paying $140 at the school’s bookstore)

  3. Good book The better alternative to the hard cover version. It is the same thing, and I dont have to carry the entire book with me! I can just take out the pages that I need for the class, and put it back into the binder when I’m done. Good textbook overall. Plenty of examples and explains concepts clearly.

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