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Marketing items can be a powerful marketing tool if applied effectively. The right advertising can get your results, but the wrong choice can be a waste of money and effort. A advertising gift should be given to two types of customers: existing customers and your target market.

The marketing merchandise you choose should reflect your business. You do not want to give a cheap or useless gift or your corporation will be thought of as poor quality. Your customer should feel that you are thanking them for their time or business and that you value them. Unless you sell very expensive items, your promotional gift should be inexpensive, but not cheap quality.

If you sell consumable gear or supplies, a smart advertising marketing plan would include an easy way for your customers to find you again. A magnet for a supply closet or filing cabinet would be a good choice. The magnet would be displayed as a constant reminder with your enterprise name. When it comes time for a reorder, your information is convenient and easy to find.

Key chains are a very popular promo gift, but unless you are selling something directly related with vehicles, they are not useful. Most will end up in the back of a drawer or, worse, in the trash. The only customers that will apply your key chains are those with a lot of keys such as car lot or mechanics.

Notepads and sticky notes are popular promo pieces. They are inexpensive and everyone uses them. Putting your logo and firm information on the paper will keep your information handy for their next order. They paper should include your information, but should also still be able to be applied. Your logo should be about 80% transparency and text should be about 60% transparency. Your information will be visible and the paper can still be put into use. Pens are another popular promo object. Avoid cheap pens that run out of ink or clog quickly. They will not reflect positively upon your enterprise and will be a waste of money. You want your customer to employ your pen and to remember your name.

Promotional items can be a very effective promotional tool if used properly. The cost of your advertising objects should be related to the cost of your products and your average order size. The advertising piece you choose is a direct reflection of your business, so you don’t want to be seen as poor quality and cheap.

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